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How was 2008 for you?  

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  1. 1. How was 2008 for you?

    • BEST year *ever*!
    • It was great!
    • It was OK
    • Bad.
    • WORST year ever!

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So begins the countdown to '09!


How was 2008 for you?


Do you have any new year resolutions you intend to ignore just like all the other years? (who follows those things anyway?)


08 was pretty normal for me... unless i cant remember things that happened... which is probably the case. (im a little spaced at this moment for no particular reason)




What did you do during when the clock struck 12pm? Out with friends? Raving? Unconscious?

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3.....2......1...... ITS 2009!!


*blows party whistle thing* :bday2:


Your way ahead of us :lol:


Still 11hrs to go... tumtumtum... bored of the waiting :p


2008 wasn't bad I suppose, nothing to bad happened.

Just lost our oldest dog a few weeks ago, but he was old and a bit sick, so it wasn't really unexpected.


That's like the only sad thing I can think of for 2008.

Not bad actually ^_^

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Aye, this year wasn't too special for me. I learnt something, changed somethings and liked stuff in general, but I still don't think it went all that well. Perhaps next year will be better. I guess the number one thing I can think of this year would be the terrorist attacks. :( RIP Hemant Karkare.

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2008 was an okay year. Not a lot of eventful things happened in my personal life that's worth mentioning. Much more interesting were on global level, but there's something of that every year. Special mention to Belgium's three federal governments in 2008 and never seen behavior by ministers in Belgian history. Congrats for making us look like fools.


Other than that, let's hope 2009 brings more solutions than problems, and stabilizes things a bit. What better way to start than with a new American President.


New Year's still about 8 hours away here. I will do my duty and party good. Have a good day, evening, night and morning everyone. :)

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I had a pretty good year professionally, but I had to go vote bad in the poll. Not that my personal life was bad, but I had some close family members and friends pass away and/or suffer health wise this year.


I haven’t decided what I’m doing tonight. I have tickets to a downtown Houston event, but I’m not in much of a celebration mood. Never been a fan of New Years parties. There is always great anticipation, but they never live up to the hype. That and, every year a different couple in my group of friends ends up getting into a massive fight. Not that I mind, but now they are all onto my methods of ditching a fighting couple.

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2008 wasn't really an eventful year for me. I got older, and got a bunch of good games out of christmas. Other then me telling all the republicans/anti-obamas that Obama was going to win on Election Day, nothing happened really exciting. But man were they pissed the next day :D


This year, a bunch of friends are going to cram into our house (really, its just 3 extra people.) and have a new years party. I'm going to be hiding in my basement, playing my games... until the food and drinks arrive. Thats when my New Years party starts.

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Let's see....

Not one but two car accidents, neither of which were our fault, of course both were caused by uninsured drivers.

Waiting forever for the insurance company to get around to getting some kind of miniscule payment to us for the first car accident (no damage on the second, happily)

My favorite cat dying

My sister getting rushed by ambulance to the hospital because she got the food poisoning that was going around the US last summer

Point Man getting called up to active duty again

Having to have surgery and stay overnight in the hospital (and yes, medical people really suck at being patients)

A friend nearly dying

Point Man's wallet getting stolen, which had a few hundred dollars in it that we were intending to send to a friend so he didn't get evicted


I'm sure there are people who have gone through far worse, but 2008 just generally sucked.

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