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XWA one year thread IV: The Clown Wars

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I would hope.


We certainly have that much spam in us.




Gotta go out today... though it's still so cold out that it's pretty much the last thing I'd ever want to do.


Gonna go inspect and tweak the P.A. system I installed at a friend's church a while back. Then probably have dinner with her. She asked me a few weeks back if I wanted too meet up and have dinner sometime.


It was a bit of a surprise at the time... but I'm curious enough to follow up on it. Haven't had the time until now.


We'll see what happens. No big expectations... but, eh... why not?


Depending on what time we wrap that up, I might meet up with some folks to see a movie (Sherlock Holmes if not Avatar...)

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yeah but i doin't know what foods to eat, that's my problem. for breakfast i eat a bowl of oatmeal. for lunch i eat macaroni & cheese or a sandwich, and for supper it's usually 2 hot pockets since it's cheap. ($2) find me something for around $2 that won't make me hungry 10 minutes after i eat.




get this, walmart lists it online for 11 bucks


its a HUGE read, I have barely touched it because I loaned it to my mom. My best friend read it and follows his rules and lost about 30 lbs and is keeping it off



ditch the oatmeal and eat eggs


eats are like the greatest thing ever :thmbup1:

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ditch oatmeal for eggs? wtf......i LOVE EGGS. (breakfast being my favorite meal cause i can actually cook!)



ehhh shouldnt have drank out of the bottle like i did last night. i threw up alot. at least i didnt make a mess. think i'll head to the gym and get on the treadmill..

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actually oatmeal isnt that bad, but most cereal is ****.


one of the main ideas of the book is that protein is the best way to get caloric intake.


its very easy for your body to use, unlike fats and sugars which are more easily converted into well, fat that sits around your body.

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Just made some crab dip for dinner. It's cooking the oven right now. Mmm......


damn that sounds good!




@zarg: yeah i started oatmeal cause i want my heart to be healthier. it's also VERY filling. I get protein from milk and eggs and tuna. And I only eat whole wheat bread.

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Fixed the P.A.


It was a bit of a mess. And I made a few more changes that should help them out in the long run... hopefully.


My friend was happy with it all afterwards, anyway.


We went casual for dinner: 5 Guys restaurant. Gotta say: That was a damn good burger, though.


It was a fun afternoon.


Traveled back into Boston, and met up with M. after that. We tried to meet up with another Japanese friend of hers at his apartment to help him get ready for his NY Eve party tomorrow... but turns out, he wasn't home.


So the family of a friend of hers just opened a healthy Chinese restaurant in Watertown, so we went over there... and I ate again. 2 meal in less than 3 hours. Ugh.


Good food too... though radically different from what I had been eating earlier. Just couldn't enjoy much of it...

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getting ready for tonight! going to get some breakfast and head to the gym and work out for about an hour, then i'm gonna clean out my car, get some lunch, and chill on 360 or wii for a bit then head out at around 5 to pick my one friend up and meet my other friend at his place, probably pregame it in that town for a little bit then head down to the new hardware bar in scranton.

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Heading off to a party after work tonight. One of M.'s friends place.


I'll probably stick around to watch the countdown... but I don't think it will be a late, late night.


The driving is supposed to be ****ty by that point.


Well: just in case this is my last entry in this thread: Happy 2010 everybody!


Another epic thread behind us. And we'll do better next year!

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i am over a k's place. arrived here last night after work. she is a bit under the weather with some sinus problems. we are going to be spending most of the day vegging anywaz. relaxing,eating some food, spending more "domestic" time together.


she stayed at my place last weekend. i wont go into details but i had rock-star sex sunday morning. :thmbup1:


we are going to be cooking lobster tails for dinner tonight. plenty of booze here and bubbly for our quiet ending and start of the year.


Ed you better kiss M when the ball drops... or at least make an awkward attempt

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lol@K-K go get some, son!!! lmao



just got back from the gym. roads are fun as hell to drive in right now, plows aren't out on the backroads so i had fun fishtailing. :)


gonna go clean out my car, supposedly 2 girls that just turned 21 are going to go with us tonight. hopefully they don't back out.


everybody have a safe new year's eve!

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my money is on a fairly ackward attempt!


but I agree, what better time than new years, atleast you have a mediocre excuse if it goes over poorly :)

It's been so long since I've had a chance that it's bound to be hella awkward, no matter the situation. I won't even try to deny that...


But: it will depend on what kind of party it is, and who else is there. It is supposed to be a "Traditional" Japanese New Year party... whatever that means.


Here's the thing: If nobody else kisses at the moment, I'm not going to be the only one in the room to grab somebody and try to suck face.


Like I said: We'll see.


There's also the chance that I may not make it over there after work until after that moment, anyway.

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