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Who is the strongest Jedi Master ever to live?

Who is the strongest Jedi Master ever to live?  

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  1. 1. Who is the strongest Jedi Master ever to live?

    • Master Yoda
    • Master Luke Skywalker
    • Master Vandar
    • Master Mace Windu
    • Master Kreia
    • Other

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I'm not sure SuperShadow is wrong about Luke being the strongest (except Kyle Katarn). Wookieepedia has a list of feats on Mr. Skywalker, and just about all of them are sourced. Among others, it includes:


"During the Battle of Dathomir, Luke flew the Millennium Falcon single-handedly using only the Force, manipulating its controls and operating it with a skill that not even a full crew could manage." (Telekinesis, among other things)


"Luke was able to knock down a crippled AT-AT by pressing against it with the Force; he also absorbed the initial cannon blasts from the AT-AT, before deflecting the rest with his lightsaber." (Telekinesis, Force Protection-related power)


"During the Black Fleet Crisis, Luke used the Force to rebuild Darth Vader's old fortress on Coruscant. In addition, Luke later used the Force to crush the rebuilt fortress of Darth Vader to rubble, shattering the building piece by piece and throwing it into the oceans of Coruscant." (Telekinesis, holy ****ing ****. That's almost as impressive as Kyle Katarn rebuilding Alderaan by hand.)


"In the battle between the Singing Mountain Clan and the Nightsisters, Luke was almost fatally wounded by a Force attack by Gethzerion and a deep fall, but regenerated in the span of mere hours." (Force Healing-related power)


"During the time when he was re-creating the Jedi Order and was searching for potential candidates, he walked on lava while still throbbing with the Force after defeating a Fireworm living in the lava just moments before." (Force Protection. I'll bet Anakin's ghost was watching that, wishing he had had that power decades earlier)


"Toward the end of the Swarm War, Luke used the Force to call all the Jedi across the galaxy to Ossus to make the announcement of him taking on the role as Grand Master of the Jedi Order, and to issue his views about the role of the Order to his Jedi." (Long-range Telepathy)


"Right before the Battle of Fondor, Luke made Caedus "see" a fleet of ships, causing him to panic in front of his navy. Luke directed it right at Caedus in general, to show him what he can do and to scare Caedus into talking with Luke." (Force Illusion. That would be sick to use at Halloween parties)


"During the Battle of Yuuzhan'tar Luke was described as a maelstrom of Force energy, against which there was no shelter. So calm and focused was he that his actions were not interrupted by any thought. Luke merged with the Force to such a degree that the Jedi Master did not seem to be there, physically or as an individual personality. Luke's control over his lightsaber blade was so great that he was said to might as well have been wielding ten, or twenty lightsabers against the Vong. The Solo twins were astounded seeing their uncle in such a state." (Force Channel: Kyle Katarn)


"Luke used a powerful and unique ability of the Force related to his signature green Electric Judgment in the chamber of Shimrra Jamaane. This technique had been described to look like "green sparks," which instantly killed the Slayer." (Evidently related to Force lightning, or another dark-sided power)


That's pretty damn good. I don't think even Yoda has done anything as ridiculous as the **** Luke pulls.

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I would have to say Luke. He started his Jedi training at a late age, some thing the Jedi Order frown upon. What took most Jedi to learn in a life time only took Luke a few years to accomplish. The only Jedi that I know who purposely fell to the dark side and was fully redeemed.


IMO, I always looked at Luke as the Chosen One. Without Luke, Vader never would have killed the Emperor.

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According to supershadow.com (supposedly george lucas said alot of stuff on there) it is luke skywalker.


Just my two cents.


The piece of sorry excuse of a bantha poodoo muching huttslime licking subhumanoid called supersadow is a disgrace to... well... a disgrace to pretty much everything.


Don't trust anything he says. He did everything from fake "insiders information" to imaginary girlfriend in the form of supermodel posters. He also loves to make up characters and what not.


That having said, Luke is definitely one of the strongest.

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Even though I made the choice of Yoda, don't you think that Windu could even be considered more powerful than Yoda? I think Yoda possesses more knowledge and is a lot wiser and therefore a better master...but Windu seems like a pretty powerful guy. I just say Yoda b/c he's smaller and is very powerful at the same time.

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