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Special Forces -SF- on Flurry Wants You!

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Hello potential new recruits!


Are you looking for high adventure in the OuterRim Worlds?


-SF- is looking for a few good sentients to fulfill our Imperial/Neutral Guild charter.


Your Parental/Breeding unit(s) made you strong...

We Will Make You Imperial Strong!


What is -SF- about?? We are many things to many players.

Our levels range from the very new to 90th level masters:



Atlantea, Lok

Atlantea is our home base. Before planting our City Hall our Planetary Survey group conducted extensive resource surveys of the area and this place is rich and ideal for Traders, Merchants & Manufacturers.

Picturesque: We are located just north of the large Volcano there between a river and a verdant crater lake - which makes for a nice backdrop. The city is laid out in the classical urban style: Long Avenues, Iconic structures, Beautiful Gardens.

Mayor: Ionwulf Darkstryder


Farwatch, Tatooine

Farwatch is our second city and was designed to help build a community for our younger members just getting started. Its convenient & safe to get to and once again picturesque: Jabba's Mighty Palace rests in the background and nearby one can clearly see Wayfar. Off to the north one can visit the popular sites of the swg lore.

This city is open to guildies and non guildies alike.

Mayor: Skarrklaw, Wookie bounty hunter



-SF- Navy - we need you! Our Ace is currently organizing our space force and we actively participate in regular space pvp events with other allied guilds. I myself am in line for a promotion within the Imperial Navy.


-SF- Assault Groups - we need you! Our goal is to build a cohesive platoon of level 85-90 combat capable, heroic/instance-ready troops. We are stratified according to level and capability - with several sub assault groups within SF.


-SF- Hoth Assault Group - we need you! Doing hoth takes a great amount of coordination, tactics, flexibility, and the right mix of professions. Our goal is nothing less than *Flawless* consistent Hoth runs. If you want Hoth Armor join us!


-SF- Anti-insurgent Assault forces - we need you! The battle goes on, night and day, spanning the galaxy. Our forces on flurry are hard pressed by the rebels, but our superior training and equipment always sees us through the fray. Join us and fight the good fight whether its the dirty backstreets of Mos Eisley or the burnt out battlefields of Rori. We are there standing our ground, making the kills.


-SF- Trade Alliance & Planetary Survey Group

You can't fight a war with just your ideas - that's why we have the finest Armorsmith on flurry - but we need more. Our navy and ground troops help secure the continued supply of resources for our Traders so that they have the finest available. We have some of the best crafting stations one can find in the galaxy - whether your breeding some kind of strange beast or making a Decimator - we can help.

Join our Trade Group and help us win this war.


-SF- LateNite Orchestra & Fly Girls Dance Troupe

We all need some R&R from time to time... sometimes all of the time lol. Join our Orchestra as a musician or dancer and help our combat troops fight the fight.


Roleplaying: Encouraged XD, but not required. If you love to rp within swg, we are the guild for you. As leader, I am myself a RP style gamer. ^^



Ionwulf Darkstryder, Leader of -SF- or any member of our guild. Send a mail as well so we do not miss you.


We are well organized and yet, we are not top heavy authoritarian in our structure - everyone is an equal in this war, everyone is valuable and important whether you're level 5 or 85. Your thoughts, actions, desires are all equally worthy. Together we can bring peace to the galaxy.


Your Parental/Breeding unit(s) made you strong...

We Will Make You Imperial Strong! (or neutral strong as the case may be)


I think you will find us to be a great bunch of people to game with!


Sincerely and /Salute,


Ionwulf Darkstryder

-Sf- Leader

Flurry Galaxy

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