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Shinobi (yes, a Naruto rp :p)


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((Takeda's been updated, but since Takai is now living and breathing I should probably post a character sheet))


Name: Takai

Age: Unknown

Appearance: He looks exactly like Takeda except for a few features. He has gray skin and gray hair to match. His eyes are black with yellow irises , and his outfit is dark gray.

Personality: He is the epitome of evil. He's cold and calculating though he prefers to show his more berserk and blood thirsty side, not to mention his psychotic laughter.

Weapons/Equipment: A black katana which has some of his soul inside of it making it a connection of himself.

Nature Type: Dark


Dark Release: Inhaling Maw- a draining technique which grants him the jutsu of the shinobi he drains. In exchange he must drop one power for another.

Dark Release: Shadow Crescent: A large wave of energy shoots out of his katana at an opponent

Dark Release: Shadow Serpent: A large black snake forms from the blade of Takai's katana and attacks opponents with its powerful jaws.

While he looks like Takeda his moments in battle where he took control showed not only was he much stronger than Takeda but faster as well. His true strength and speed are unknown as he's never fought with full strength before.

Background: Not much is known of Takai's true origins. Perhaps he was the masked man who killed Takeda's parents years ago and trapped himself inside Takeda. Or he could Part of Takeda's brain that kept that memory hidden or maybe...an extension of Takeda himself.

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Ah, shoot. Since I'm still new to Naruto, I'm not sure what techniques I should use. :(


Its no suprising either, seeing as there are only two dark techniques listed in the Naruto universe so far, lol.


But thats ok; just be creative. Make up your own techniques, or even create a fusion of the moves your character already knows with your dark chakra.

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Well, I suppose you could if you want to. But the major bummer about this proposition is the lack of time to FULLY allowing other characters to explore yours. Not only that, you will also have to take into account the short time you will be using your character.


I'm not saying your not allowed to join (if anything, your more than welcome), I just want you to consider this before writing up a Character Sheet.

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FINISHED! :D I'm quite proud, and not just for this accomplishment, but for everybody else whom participated. We had our occasional hiccups, and yet we pulled through. Thank you everybody whom participated :)




Oh yeah, I better not forget: Very Special Thanks to Masashi Kishimoto ^-^

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