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The Lost Ones - A KOTOR Storyline Expansion Mod

Lord of Hunger

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Coming soon to KotorFiles....


A Team Hssiss production....


From the Mind of yatsookey....


A Storyline Expansion Mod


"Behold, Trilaras has returned to pronounce judgment." - Trilaras, Ancient Sith Lord


Plot: On Halos Station, you are hired as a mercenary by a Commander Treyfus to help the Sith Empire hunt down a pair of fugitives. You travel to the Temple of the Ancient Sith Lord Trilaras and upon arrival you encounter a Sith Acolyte named Trinity who informs you that the fugitives are your long lost brothers. And so you begin down a path through your lost memories to reconcile yourself with your history and face an ancient enemy.




-Storyline: A complete storyline compatible with official KOTOR canon that provides depth to Revan's past.

-A New Faction: This mod introduces the Lost Ones, a new faction of Force Sensitives who seek balance but at a great cost.

-New Enemies: Face a Sith Lord from the days of Exar Kun who seeks your stolen throne, and then confront another Sith Lord so powerful that he was a threat to Marka Ragnos.

-Forbidden Powers: So great and terrible are these abilities that only those truly great in the Force can hope to survive their use. Because of this both Jedi and Sith alike banned their use...will you dare to employ them?

-Compatibility: This mod uses the Halos Station mod by Canderis (still a WIP) as its platform. As long as you have a save game before your first visit to Halos, you can install this mod and not have to start a completely new game. The Lost Ones will also be made compatible with BOS:SR ASAP.


Characters (with Voice Actors):


-Rothion, Keeper of Balance: (Open)

Revan's brother and a former Derilian Security Force Captain, Rothion was born not only greater in the Force than Revan but also in possession of a very deadly Forbidden Power. He was hidden by their father Rhavarion, and thus grew up without the influence of the Jedi and Sith ideologies. He decided that both were nothing but trouble for the galaxy, their ideologies two dangerous extremes. Rothion also decided to create a new Order, the Lost Ones, and included their younger brother Lossarian.


During his years in the Derilian Security Force, he was forced to call Revan from the Mandalorian Wars to help him when the Sith Lord Shiloth attempted to summon the ancient Sith Lord Trilaras. Together they stopped Shiloth, and Revan had Rothion hold onto Trilaras' holocron.


When Revan became Dark Lord of the Sith, it cemented Rothion's views about the Jedi and Sith. He also became aware that the holocron was slowly corrupting Derilia and decided to travel with Lossarian to the Temple of Trilaras to find a way to destroy it. There he was captured by Shiloth, and met Trinity....


Concept Art:

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-Lossarian, Lost One (Open)

Lossarian is Rothion and Revan's little brother, and shares Rothion's views on the Jedi and Sith. He follows the former wherever he goes, assisting his quest to destroy the holocron of Trilaras.


-Trinity, Sith Acolyte (Melissa D. Johnson)

Trinity is one of several Acolytes serving Shiloth, a Sith Lord who once served under Exar Kun and now under Revan's Sith Empire. However, she became somewhat disenchanted with the Sith after witnessing the insane brutality of her master. She further grew distant when she fell in love with Rothion. Thus, she joined the Lost Ones, pledging her cause to Rothion's.


-Treyfus, Sith Commando (Open)

One of the many Sith Commandos employed by the Sith Empire, Treyfus is on assignment to hunt down the Lost Ones. Little does he know about what he's getting into.


-Shiloth, Sith Lord (Open)

Once a member of the Brotherhood of the Sith, Shiloth was one of many who served under Exar Kun and Ulic Qel-Droma. When Exar and the others were defeat, he went off in pursuit of great power...Forbidden Powers. He started with the holocron of Trilaras, an ancient Sith Lord famous for being a major threat to Marka Ragnos. On Derilia, he was temporarily possessed by Trilaras but defeated by Rothion. However, he would get another shot at gaining Forbidden Powers when he captured Rothion and the holocron.


-Trilaras, Ancient Sith Lord (Matt Eages)

A Sith Lord under Marka Ragnos, Trilaras was one of the few Sith to ever gain control of a Forbidden Power. His powers and frightening dedication to the Sith Code convinced Ragnos to reluctantly bestow him the role of "Judge of Darkness". Trilaras had the authority and obligation to seek out those who deviate from the Sith Code and punish them by trapping them in their own nightmares. For his zealotry in this role he was also given dominion over the Sith world of Tentanus. Yet Trilaras was unsatisfied with the unwilling handouts of the Dark Lord. He soon decided to overthrow Ragnos and declare himself Dark Lord, but Ragnos was already aware of Trilaras' rebellion and had a greater following. Trilaras was defeated, but using techniques he had learned in his studies on Malachor V he hid his soul in his holocron.


Millennia later, Trilaras was awoken by Shiloth, but was too much for the Sith Lord to control. He took control of Shiloth but was driven back into his holocron by Rothion. However, this was not the end of Trilaras and his wrath.



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Want to audition? Go here: http://voiceactingalliance.com/board/showthread.php?t=42040





This abandoned Sith world was once a part of the Ancient Sith Empire under Marka Ragnos. The Dark Lord appointed Trilaras as Lord over this world, however Trilaras began raising an army to quickly overthrow Ragnos. He was outwitted and his army crushed. Several Sith Lords reigned over this world afterwards, but it was abandoned following the Great Hyperspace War when the Sith Empire was defeated by the Galactic Republic. It once again fell under Sith control when Revan and Malak appointed Shiloth the Sith Lord in charge of the world, much to his glee. The greatest landmark in Tentanus still is the Temple of Trilaras, the place where the Ancient Sith Lord's holocron was stored...along with his soul.


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The homeworld of Revan, Rothion, Lossarian, and Rhavarion. While Revan was taken by the Jedi to be a youngling, Rothion grew up here and became a captain in the Deralian Armed Forces. One will often find individuals with strong anti-Jedi sentiment, such as Rhavarion (the father of Revan, Rothion, and Lossarian). Shiloth brought Trilaras' holocron here during the Mandalorian Wars in order to acquire Trilaras' Forbidden Power known as Force Nightmare.


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Forbidden Powers:


-Force Obliteration

This power, belonging to Rothion, is among the most deadly of force powers. It does exactly what its name says: obliterate enemies. It requires massive amounts of energy, leaving even the most powerful wielders of the Force drained from the effort.


-Force Nightmare

Greater than Force Insanity, this power gives enemies horrifying visions of the caster, instilling an incomprehensible level of fear. Trilaras was said to have used it against entire armies, rendering them weeping wretches incapable of opposing him.


-Force Charisma

Drawing from the natural persuasive capability of the caster, this power makes enemies unwilling and incapable of fighting the caster and drains their willpower. Few can resist, and most of those few would rather give into it anyway....


Scripters, modelers, and voice actors needed! If you are interested, contact yatsookey or visit teamhssiss.proboards.com for more info.







Character Skins-50%






More updates to come.

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this mod sounds very promising. I just hope you can put these good ideas together well. :)


Hehe we will, after im done with my mod, im going to do all the module building and spawning. LOH and Yatsuke have a great story script with all the dialog already made. And we have plenty of skinners. Yatsuke has gotten most of the main VO posts done, but not some. Hopefully we can get most the scripts right, and modeling.

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i also forgot to announce that i am also adding a mini mod that will come with the lost ones i call it boss rush mode and what it is is that instead of having to save before fighting a boss to be able to fight him you can now talk to bastila for her to recall upon your shared memory to relive the original kotor boss fights and even the new bossess included in the lost ones, just thought it was a neat idea and it will hopefully attract more downloads once the mod is complete

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