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Will not buy another LA game no BF3


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Dear LucasArts,

I will not be buying any LucasArts products until Star Wars Battlefront 3 is released. I do not think anything could compare to that game and there is no reason for me to buy any other LA product. I hope others will agree with me on this. If LA notices a decrees in sales in their next released game they will know why. NO Battlefront 3.


So I would like to say to other readers to please sign your name, and only sign it if you really mean it. That’s the only way we will get results. We the consumer run LA, without us buying LA games LA is nothing.


To the Admin that reads this, there is no reason to remove this Thread it will not stop PS2 BF2 Community from making this petition, so I ask you to leave it and sign it yourself, you must also want to play BF3.


Reader if you don’t know what I am talking about, IGN.com has posted that the game has been canceled.


So I end this by adding my name to the bottom of this list.




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I agree with J.

I run my own clan teammoh.forumarena.com

We are about 90 strong over 3 consoles and we got our start on star Wars Battlefront 2.

We waited patiently for Star Wars Battlefront 3.

What do we get? A really hard to control PSP Battlefront game. We all get excited over the "Leaked swbf3" footage, the game looks near complete, I mean you don't do the voice over work until the end.

We suffered through haze and now Lord of The Rings Conquest, and while that has a Battlefront Feel to it, its no Battlefront.

I could understand not making this game if the others were not so successful. SWBF2 was the best selling Star Wars game of all time.

There is a huge fan base for the games, I still pay for a Dedicated SWBF2 server! I know J's clan does too.

This petition will grow, people will talk.

All we really want is to go back and get the chance to play through Mr. Lucas' wonderful universe via next gen.

Please finish the game, there is a fan base of very loyal Battlefront fans.




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Hi, I am also a HUGE follower of the Battlefront series. I have been playing the original Battlefront since it came out. Please don't stop the production of Star Wars Battlefront 3. Renegade Squadron was a disappointment to me and many other people that I talked to that bought it. Battlefront 2 is am AMAZING game and we really want the sequel. We (the whole Battlefront following) are looking forward to the new updates and the game itself.So please don't stop the production of Star Wars Battlefront 3.




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Hi, my name is STARWARSKID93

no im not the starwarskid from the youtube videos


I love the battlefront series

i have 1 and 2 i beaten them offline both like 100 times

I love the swbf2

online game play is amazing

And i think swbf3 would be the best considering all the technoligical advances we had in the past 4 years.


Swbf3 would be the best. think about it every game needs a final game as a closer.


So please just finish making this game


SWBF2 is still sellin in stores i would know i work in a gamestop


so just think about how swbf3 would sell


I agree with everyone here

J, my ex cl

and crap gamer my new cl


You see our clans hate each other

But when we hear about the game that brought us together is coming out again than it is being canceled we come back together to get that game back on the work table. Perhaps this game can end our fighting and bring us back together.


So please Just one more game, a finisher to a great sequel


thank you,



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So you're gonna blackmail lucasarts into making a game? ;/ LA invested big money in BFIII. Did you think for one second that the stuff we all saw in the gamplay video from FRD was made for free? Making games costs. Lucasarts will not cancel a game this far in development becouse they have no reason to do so. People tried wrighting letters, petitions with JK4, TFU on PC and they got nothing. And so will you.

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You should really email LucasArts. They'll pay more attention to 50,000 emails than any silly online petition with 50,000 signatures. I'm not saying they'll do anything about it either way but if you're wanting to voice your opinion, I'd start there. Good luck, guys.

Do you know the email address we should contact them at?



And I wholeheartedly agree and swear that I will not buy another LucasArts OR LucasFilm product until we get the SWBF3 that FreeRadical was working on.

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I also have love the star wars battlefront series. And if your right Zwier Zak, I'd at least like to hear from someone at Lucas Arts wether they are canceling the game or not. Also I would at least like to know why they are canceling or delaying it. My personal guess is that they're just delaying it till they can get a new developer or whatever free radical was because I heard recently that they had went under or something. And if they really are canceling it, at least I can say I tried at some point to convince LA to change their minds on it.


I would also like to put my voice in this subject with the rest of them. Many love the battlefront games, and would continue to buy them. I've bought other LA games, and I know from experience that the Star Wars Battlefront series is the best of them. Games like Fracture were quite a disappointment. Cool idea, the game play was just not as good as it looked. The old ones are dyeing and it would be a shame to let such a good series fade to history. Also, if it does get made, the game should be checked on and updated, which I'm sure it will being for next gen systems. But the biggest problem I've had with SWBF2 was laging and glitches. Call of Duty 5 has them but checks and fixes the problems from time to time.


Also if somebody does happen to find out the email address I suggest copy and paste some of these things, mostly the signatures. I give who ever that does do so the permission now to copy my signature.


I'm {TRoT}Gen_D994 and I want, and would buy, another Star Wars Battlefront for for the new systems.




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I believe the project was about to be canned altogether, then someone at Free Radical decided to release the video to peak interests.

In effect they are trying to make it hard to cancel the game.

Just FYI games that are done or close to done get canned all the time or never see the light of day.

Like the Indiana Jones Next gen game and Ghost Busters, though GB seems to have found a home.

The thing that I worry about is the physics and game play where your flying from ground to space, if they simply change developers then they lose all of that.

The game was looking done, I mean voice acting is the last part of any game. Yet this game had that.

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It would be a great mistake if you guys at lucas arts did not release SWBF3. I bought SWBF2 the first day it came out. I completed every mode on every side in the game. Although I just got a router for online play in summer of 2007 so I like Starwarskid never got to play with someof the great clans. SWBF2 is the oldest game I still play consistantly. I probibly would have never played a shooter if i had not bought SWBF2. If you still dont belive that Swbf3 wouldnt bring in enough profit here is some proof that it could be a game of the year contender. Its 2009. 4 years after the release of SWBF2. Go online on the ps2 version and you will find that there is still atleast 100 people online at any moment. Even after all the next gen consoles have come out and the holidays taking away alot of people to other games such as COD WAW and Resistance 2. Lucas Arts you have a large and loyal fan base to SWBF series. With everything going on in the world right now SWBF3 could be a very profitable game.

So please Lucas Arts continue developing SWBF3.






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i bought swbf2 the day it came out and have not stopped playing since, i have moved on to a next gen console (ps3) but have not stopped playing battlefront, its such a great game, online is fun and i beat all offline modes like 20 times each,i hate to resort to low levels but if you guys dont make star wars battlefront 3 you will lose sales of all of your games from me and everyone in 502nd and ER. we will not buy from you unless we get swbf3, the bf series has been so great it would be a big mistake for you to not plz just come out with bf3, u will do well and it appears so much of it is already done, so y stop now? plz give us bf3


{502nd}No One{ER}

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I am with J, Also i would like to note to the LA that most of us here have not been on friendly terms for a long while and our rival clans, but together we make up a majority of LA purchases on the 3rd generation, and we will not buy another one of your games intill the release of swbfiii.



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Guess what kids, its time for CAPTAIN REALITY! to enter the thread, fresh and ready to destroy the unrealistic hopes and dreams of everyone!

Lets start off with your cute web petition. Web petitions are without a doubt the most ineffective means of saying something. Which is exactly why no one in LA is going to give the slightest care about it. Its pretty easy to forge signatures on real petitions and cheat. That difficulty of cheating an online petition is astronomically easier. Proxy.org, gmail and an hour can get you a few hundred "signatures" all from "different people". Seeing as how desperate some of you seem, it would not surprise me if at least one person did this. Most of us are nerds, we have more emails than we know what to do with, it would be incredibly easier. Emailing might be a slight bit more effective, but I guarantee you it will still be quite ineffective.

2. Why are you listening to a rumor that IGN posted. Theres at least 4 "announcements" about what has happened, and like I said in point 1, if LA already gave the rights to such and such company, its staying there no matter how many of you do this.

3. Why here? Like Plo Koon said, this place is dead, LA has better things to do than check boards with 5 or so active posters.

And seriously, leave the clan advertisements out of here. If you want to advertise put it in the clans section. No one here cares what your website is or how many members you've managed to recruit.

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