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19 years later...


The Akatsuke have been long defeated. Sasuke's plan to destroy Konoha has been compromised. The entire land of shinobi has been left with calm and peace it has awaited for that lasts... until now.


While the major crime syndicate organisations have been crippled, others still pose a threat to the entire nation. As such, the group who calls themselves the Arashi plead for the assistance of a team of ninjas to aid them in protecting their sacred burial ground from the Ogawa.


Kaneda wriggled around in his bed, disturbed by the constant "beeping" from his alarm clock. He pulled open his heavy eyelids and allowed his sight to adjust to the flashing numbers 8:30.


He whacked the alarm clock, which fell off his side table. He turned to his other side, wrapped around in his warm blankets. He groaned.


"I'll have to get up sooner or later..." he said allowed. Kaneda would be late for the mission briefing if he didn't get up out of bed. Grudgingly, he pulled himself away from the warm sheets, and walked across the dark room towards the window. He opened it, and a gush of light surrounded his room. There he overlooked the streets of Konoha in the early morning. People were already up and about: attending to their business.


Kaneda yawned, and walked to his wardrobe to put his outfit on.

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Karela got dressed and prepared to greet the new morning with a smile


The rain outside wiped the smile right off her face


Sadly...It was raning in the hidden leaf village and she still had to get her morning run done before she could even think about eating breakfast


I hate the rain...it really ruins my day...


Karela began her morning run around the block and then headed off to the Hyuga estate for the longer portion of the run


It's times like this that I really wish I had an umbrella...

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Akagi Shurijima walked slowly through the wet and muddy forest that he was in.


He had been traveling for one day and a night straight, without rest, not that he needed it.


As a Samurai, he had decided to leave his hidden country and go out to the outside world and learn something. What? He'd find that out in good time.


The rain pattered all over his black and red armor, luckily avoiding his precious daisho or swords from becoming wet. He'd have rough time with rusty weapons.


He continued walking until he noticed several buildings and a road. He began walking in that direction until his foot made contact with the muddy road. He then sloshed out into the open street. '


He seemed the only one on the road, or anyone outside for that matter. It was early in the morning, why would anyone be out and about at this hour? Akagi shrugged the thought off and slogged again down the road, towards whatever place he was bound for.


He hoped that his family did not have a feud with this village, as it did with so many of the others. Perhaps he'd get a chance to handle such feuds while he was traveling.


Akagi's stomach rumbled and he shuddered for a second. He should've packed more food, but not much could be spared in his country. He'd have to talk to one and the local villagers, or find some sort of storehouse.


He was a Samurai. How hard could it be?

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Karela was on her way home from her walk when she noticed a figure coming in the from the outskirts of the village


Who in there right mind would be out in this weather? The only reason I'm out in the rain is because I'm out for a jog but still...


This looked interesting


"Hey you! Yeah, I'm talking to you! You need any help?"

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Kaneda finished breakfast and walked out the door of his home unit. He looked up, and saw the cloudy sky. Rain drops poured onto the ground. Kaneda sighed.


"Crap..." he grunted. He pulled out his embarisingly spotty unbrella and opened it up. It was the only one his parents had.


He sighed and walked on the wet dirt towards the Hokage's Residence for the mission briefing. Whatever it was, it better be worth the trouble of walking through this ungodly weather...

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Karela stared at the sword the guy was drawing


Holy Crap thats a big sword! I left all my ninja tools at home! I wasn't expecting to have to fight anyone on my morning walk!


Karela did the only thing that seemed resonable


"Shadow Clone Jutsu!"


Karela and the five shadow clones took off in opposite directions


I really hope this works

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Akagi didn't like this situation. Somehow, the villager had outnumbered him, the villager was probably a ninja of some sort. Akagi hated ninjas, they were always a thorn in the Samurai's side. He would fight nonetheless.


He pulled the sword out completely and dropped into a defensive stance.


He looked at the villager, and charged.


"BANZAI!!!!" He yelled.

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Karela was running as quickly as she could.


I have to find a Jonin or something, this guy looks a bit to tough to take on my own, even if I had my Ninja tools


Karela could feel her shadow clones being taken down by the intruder


"Shadow Clone Jutsu!"


Karela smirked with satisfaction as she saw ten Shadows clones appear.


"Everyone! Take off in opposite directions!"


Karela changed course to run toward the Hokage's office.


And to think I thought today was going to be boring!

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One of the villagers fell as Akagi approached. He used his foot to roll them over and stuck a foot on the villager to keep her still. He then raised the blade high above his head thrusted it down into the villager's stomach. The person quickly disappeared.


An illusion thought Akagi.


He tore his blade out of the ground and continued running, even in his heavy armor. If his instincts were correct, he'd have to kill everyone one of them until the true villager showed themself. He would enjoy this.

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(lol i wasn't really expecting a battle so early... bit too early))


Kaneda turned the corner of the street when all of a sudden he saw a commotion. One of his peers, Karela was thrown down onto the wet ground and was about to be staked with a large sword, carried by an armored man.


Kaneda watched his horror as the sword flung down... only to realise Karela had disapeared into smoke. He was relieved to find out that was a shadow clone.


"Right, time to put an end to this..." Kaneda sighed. He clapped his hands together. "Kageyose no Jutsu (Shadow Endgame Technique)"


Instantly, tentacles made from shadows formed from his own, and creeped up to the psycotic man wielding the sword. They restrained him from moving, paralysing him.


"First off, psycho: attacking an innocent person right here in the hidden leaf village is a bad idea. Secondly, its no use trying to escape: this technique has fully restrained you. Why were you attacking her in the first place?"

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Akagi tried his best to move, but soon found it futile.


He had been captured. Something most Samurai hated for the shame. Most would take their own lives for this.


But Akagi was not that honorable yet.


He used his peripherial vision and spotted the man who'd stopped him.


"It was...a misunderstanding, now that I think about it. You're villager seemed hostile...ninja. You're kind are foul like that. Now, I ask you, release this cursed spell you have. Do away with me honorably if you will at all."


Akagi clenched his teeth with his last sentence.

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"It was...a misunderstanding, now that I think about it. You're villager seemed hostile...ninja. You're kind are foul like that. Now, I ask you, release this cursed spell you have. Do away with me honorably if you will at all."


Kaneda looked at him strangely. He certainly did not act like a ninja. This man was something different, given from the strange armor he wore. Many shinobi were familiar with the Samurai. Was this man one of them?


"And if I let you go, whats to stop you from going on another rampage?"

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Karela watched as one of her Shadow clones was wiped out by the armored man


Yikes, If i'm not careful he'll get me as well


And then the shadows around the armored man took on a life of their own and trapped him


Kaneda! I'm glad he showed up when he did...


Karela walked slowly out of her hiding spot


"Thank you Kaneda! I was on my morning run when I saw this one out on the rain. I asked him if I could help him out and he came after me with that huge sword of his..."


Karela turned to the armored man


"So...what was the deal with trying to slice me up a few miutes ago?"

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Akagi looked to the man, "A sense of honor would prevent me from a 'rampage' as you say."


He then looked to the villager he had attempted to attack.


"You seemed hostile. It was proper at that time to make an example. Your reactions sparked a response, villager. You acted first, remember that."


Akagi didn't like being paralyzed, it made him very vulnerable, something Akagi hated.


"Now, release me. Perhaps we can find a more peaceful solution to this problem."

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Sam stepped out into the street, he had heard the yelling. their were people out there, but the rain was coming down hard enough to make it hard to see them. he walked towards them, keeping his swords near him.

" what seems to be the- wait... Akagi? What are you doing here?"Sam asked.

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Kaneda watched as a the Jonin arrived to examin the situation. "what seems to be the- wait... Akagi? What are you doing here?"


I appeared the two knew each other. If the Samurai called "Akagi" had promised to lay down his aggresiveness, and he knew one of the Jonin's, then it should be safe to deactivate his jutsu.


Instantly, the shadows returned and merged with his own. Akagi was free, but Kaneda kept an eye on him he turned to Sam. "You know this man, Sam?"

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Akagi nodded with recognition, but not completely in a good way.


Yes, they had trained together in some of Akagi's earlier journeys, but not all went well. There was a slight history, including Sam disgracing one of Akagi's friend's familys, shaming them greatly. Akagi's opinion of Sam greatly changed, and it was nearly his duty to avenge his friend's shame.


Akagi let out a roar of complete anger and fury and swung his katana around at Sam's neck.


But he stopped it a mere centimeter from his throat.


"Remember who's mercy you're at. My friend's disgrace will be avenged. Remember that."


Akagi quickly sheathed the blade and turned to the other two villagers, and he did a small bow towards them.


"I wish to apologize for my quick judging behaviour. It was not my place to do such things."


He came up from the bow and turned to the woman,"If you mentioned food, if it would be alright, I would enjoy some. I apologize."

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Sam gulped, he had forgotten about the situation between them. He had forgot how honor-bound Samurai are. Sam walked away, heading towards the forest. Once there he began practicing his jutsu's and his sword tecniques. suddenly five rogue ninjas came out of nowhere.

" Don't make it too easy for me now." Sam said as he tried out a new jutsu...

" Summoning Jutsu!" he yelled out, and a wolf appeared. Not as deadly as he had hoped, but it was better than nothing.

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The situation had clearly been handled. Kaneda sighned, looking up at the cloudy sky and the rain drops falling on his face. Soon the clouds moved elsewhere, and the sun beamed down on his face. He turned to look at the rainbow that had been formed.


Then he looked down at both Akagi and Karela. "Right, well I got some business to attend to. I'm supposed to be meeting the Hokage right about now to recieve a mission briefing."


He turned and walked away. "Welp, be seeing you..." he greeted goodbye to Karela. Then he walked in the direction of the Hokage Residence...

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Sam walked out of the forest, blood covering him. the rogue ninjas had been all too easy. then he heard someone calling for him. He turned around and saw a young genin walking towards him.

" The...Hokage...Would...Like...to...see...you" He said through heavy breaths.

"Thanks kid, and get your asthma checked out, or you'll never make it past the trials." Sam responded

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Kaneda stared up at the large, rounded Hokage residence. The sun shined on its red-painted surface. He yawned as he walked through the front door and walked his way to the Hokage's office.


He faced the closed door infront of him. But he stopped when he heard strange sounds coming from within. It almost sounded like growling and grunting, but the sound was muffled. Curious as to what it was made from, Kaneda opened the door.


HIs eyes narrowed on the figure sitting on the seat, with its arms behind its head and the chair leaned back with the man's feet sitting on the desk cluttered with papers. The strange noise was coming from the snoring of the 6th Hokage: Naruto Uzamaki. He was fast asleep.


"Urm... hello?" Kaneda spoke. The Hokage still didn't wake up. He was wearing his flame patterned Jacket over his black and orange jumpsuit. HIs blond hair had increased in size, and the three scars on each cheek were still present. Uzamaki had grown older, but not with the mind of a matured adult.


Suddenly, someone had rushed past Kaneda and towards the sleeping beast in the chair. "The amount of times I have to wake him up..."


The figure started shaking the Hokage lightly, but Naruto still hadn't budged. He growled more snoring in his chair. "I-I'm deeply sorry about this. He's not used to waking up early in the morning."


Kaneda looked dumb founded. He wasn't sure what to do in the situation where the Hokage was sleeping on the job. The assistant still shook Naruto, until he eventually woke up. "Yeah, yeah, yeah! I'm up!"


He out stretched his arms and gave a big yawn. He looked across the table towards his visiter.


"Er... Oh, right. Kaneda Yamagato..." he searched through his pile of papers to pick up a file. "Our other guest hasn't arrived yet... whats keeping him. Eh, he should be arriving shortly anyway..."

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(Who's the assistant?)



"So...what do you want to eat?"




This guy really needs an attitude adjustment


"Well, theres one place I love to eat, It serves all sorts of Ramen! Shall we go?"


More Silence


I really hope he orders the hot stuff, that should take him down a few notches


"I'm taking you to the best eating establishment in the Hidden leaf Village: Ichiraku Ramen Bar."


Karela smirked at him


"Ask them for the tuesday special when we get there, I'm sure you'll love it."

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