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XWA Version of XWing Redux in English


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Is there anyone who might be interested in helping or working on the english version of XWing Redux (the upgrade of X Wing to XWA) Redux is in Spanish ....EtherShock is working on it with the files that were developed by Redux if anyone is interested in helping. I am going to help as much as i can, tho i am not at all experienced in all of this yet. but i would love to see XWing in the updated version and EtherShock is making good progress looking at what needs to be done. We are discussing it on the XWAU site here:




if anyone has the files from the original spanish version of X Wing Redux the ones that one can download from the Redux site are corrupted and very hard to open....


:) this will be a fun way to revive interest and enjoy this classic game.

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A team has assembled and can be found in the forum on XWAU forum, to bring X Wing in english up to the standards of XWA, working with the excellent work of X Wing Redux, and translating their fine acheivemnt upgrade into english, and work is also going to include the music and possible story additions. Check over at that forum for details. This is exciting to see and i look forward to watching the progress.

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