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Hi folks! New here :)

Many thanks to this community for bringing such awesome artwork to printable size and the careful restoration needed on these posters. They all look amazing!

I have a few questions regarding the printing.

1) How have people printed them? Paper or Canvas? Which do you prefer?

2) I live in the UK and was going to order from PosterXXL. Are others here happy with the print results from this online store?

3) Does anyone resize them before sending to print or are Laserschwerts awesome posters fine to send "as is" to posterxxl?


Cheers for your help guys :)

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Just reporting back. My first poster arrived from PosterXXL. Delivered safely to London UK in excellent packaging (poster wrapped front and back in soft tissue paper. Then inserted into a poster tube. Then the poster tube had a cardboard box around that!). The print quality using Laserschwerts posters is excellent. PosterXXL havent fiddled with the colours and the free print size (30x40) looks very sharp.

Im going to buy three more. Indy Atlantis, Sam'n Max and DOTT. Then frame the posters and mount in my room.

At a later date (When i have the doubloons) I might purchase some canvas prints. Untill then the framed posters look classy :)

Many thanks again Laserschwert. Ill post some pics when they are all printed and mounted.

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Hi there,

just wanted to show u all my room with the recently printed Indy poster. Size is 80x60 cm, and was framed using white lightweight cardboard. Thanks to everyone who put the effort into doing this. Keep up the good work!! It was 21€ (~30$), Print+frame in a local printing store.




Hope you like it. Greetings from Spain. :thmbup1:

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Hey guys!


Just walked to extend my thanks to all the peoples who have given me this awesome ultra hi res classic art.


As a thank you, here is all the art I could wrap my hands around from 'The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition' that I could grab from E3.




I hope you guys enjoy, there are some really beautiful pieces in there. Feel free to mirror the file, infact it's probably best knowing you all.


Kind regards,



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Hey guys, welcome to the forums. That's a sweet looking poster Sk-F, and I appreciate you putting in the effort to collect together the pics SubElement :thmbup1:


I don't mean to put a dampener on things, but all of those images, and some other ones, are already available in zip format from the LucasArts site though.

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Funnily enough I've already done that ICO-poster as a request on another forum:




Full Size Download (with linen texture)

Full Size Download (without it)


But since I'm not familiar with either series, I don't have any plans to do more posters of them right now.


Hey, any chance you could re-upload this one? The Rapidshare link is dead... :(



Also, printed out posters for MI 1 & 2 just today. Thanks again for those high res files; they look absolutely awesome.

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Good news: I've won an eBay-auction on the first two Simon-games recently, and I'm still waiting for them to arrive. It's the two DVD-case releases which have the artworks pretty much intact on their fronts, so I'll try to make posters out of those.


I've updated the opening post with a few non-LucasArts posters (including "Simon the Sorcerer").


Waaaah, awesome! :) :) :)


Didn't visit the thread for some time thanks to work, but I'm so going to order some prints tonight. Thank you again so much for your work on all those awesome posters!

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As a nice surprise Bill Tiller has just provided me with his original Photoshop-file for his "Curse of Monkey Island"-artwork:




I've added 3 versions of the artwork to the opening post. Enjoy!

Edited by Laserschwert
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wow, that's just amazing stuff! :)


looks like the entire scene, including the companies and people involved in the classics and new iterations, is coming together and making the best of the old and new adventure experience!

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