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Were Czerka on Taris...?

Wedge Suron

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Not a mod request, a question on either cut content or a mistake. :(


I was just talking to Darth Payne on MSN yesterday and I realized something because I had created a RP forum of KOTOR 1 and was creating Taris boards at the time.


Korriban Czerka Rep: "Tsk tsk, I guess you've heard about Taris then? Czerka Corporation lost a fortune there. Not that the Sith care."


Is it just me, because I don't remember a Czerka presence on Taris. Then I remembered reading about Middle City and thought it might be there. Or does it mean something else?


Note: on the RP board of mine, that's where I have put it.


2nd note: I hadn't talked to the Czerka rep in ages so I deserve a thumbs up for remembering it, lol.


3rd note: If this has been mentioned before, then I am sorry. I haven't looked.

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