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Not-so-famous Quotes & Phrases Game


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Darth Vader: If you do, you can get as many intoxicants as you want...


Luke: Ummm.....so.....you want me to join you?


-Luke and Vader in Cloud City, deleted scene, Luke had been going cold turkey for 3 days, and he got so mad that his hand jumped off....

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Luke's hand get's broken.


Oww. You @$$hole. I'll never join you, now.


Luke...I am...I am... some guy you never knew. You don't know me. You will never know me again after I use this device and flashie your memory away. <pulls out MIB memory eraser---FLASH>


Luke and Vader @ cloud city. through the lens of mad magazine or something like it.

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"You little pre schoolers are dead, man. You made me spill this piss water all over my pants."


"CUT! --I know you can't stand it that we had to substitute imitaiton beer for the real thing, buyt get over it or you don't get paid."


Todd the gangster and producer/director Mike Judge outtake scene for "Tired" episode: Beavis and Butt-Head

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"Although they are cute and cuddly...eh what the hell, do it anyway and see what happens."


*turns to bnadgers and gets out large trap net*



Earnest P Worrel portrayed by Greg Barounstroff,

Barounstroff bros. remake of Earnest goes to camp.



There ain't no Santy Claus!


-Marx brothers

^^^*Looks it up*


I'm sorry my friend, but that is famous; this is the Not-so-famous Quotes and Phrases.





Stepped in it again, n00b? :smirk2:


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A random day during WW2, in German Occupied France, the local Nazi Commander ordered all wine to be confiscated.


Frenchmen: Gimme' wine, or gimme' death!!!


Nazi Gaurd: Um....okay.*shoots the Frenchmen*


*moral of this story, don't reason for liquor by threatening your own death*

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"YOU only exist out here because of ME! No because of your country clubs or you piece of S*** TV shows. If it wasn't for me, every wiseguy would take a piece--"


Hey! What kind of ass did that guy have again they were gonna take a piece of?


--Joe Pesci


Outtakes of some mobster movie.

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