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Star Trek: Favorite enemy?


Favorite recurring enemy in Star Trek?  

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  1. 1. Favorite recurring enemy in Star Trek?

    • Species 8472
    • The Klingon Empire
    • The Dominion
    • The Tholians
    • The Romulans
    • The Suliban
    • The Xindi
    • The Borg
    • The Pink Cockroaches (From the TNG episode 'Conspiracy')
    • The Kazon
    • The Cardassians
    • Captain Kirk
    • Tribbles
    • Q
    • Romulan Ale

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Yes, folks...another Star Trek thread. :xp: I and my siblings were discussing the major enemies in Star Trek a couple months ago, and I've finally decided to get ya'll's opinions. :)


Please give your reasons for where you cast your vote! :)


Edit: I'm sorry, I should have specified--I meant the recurring enemies of Star Trek...like the Tholians, who I forgot to put on the poll... :o

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I never liked when the Federation fought the Klingon's... it always seemed more fun when it was the Federation and the Klingons fighting together because of their different natures...


I voted for the Borg for obvious reasons... but urk :xp: @ Seven of Nine. I'm not effected by geek lust so I didn't like her at all.

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I voted for a few choices-


Romulans- There are many good Romulan episodes, but the best Romulan was Commander Tomalak, played by the awesome Andreas Katsulas. Babylon 5 fans will know him as G'Kar, hidden behind all that makeup. He was an awesome actor, and the only antagonist that you felt could possible best Picard.Of course, Picard always won, but you just were never quite as sure of a happy ending when Tomalak came into the picture.


The Borg- The Borg are the quintessential Sci-Fi villian because they warn us of the dangers of becoming to dependent on technology. Sci-Fi sometimes looses that in favour of action and drama, but at it's heart, that's what Sci-Fi is. Star Trek was pretty good with sticking to it's "Science Fiction Roots" over the years, but no one illustrates that better than The Borg.


I also particularly liked the episode "I, Borg" with Hugh. Not only was it a very moving episode, but Patrick Stewart got to show off his great acting. I always loved when the normally Vulcan-like Picard was being irrational and Guinan came in to set him straight.


Q- What's a "Q?" It's a letter in the alphabet as far as I know. [/exchangefromyarandworfdiscussingQinallgoodthings...]


Firstly, for the poll, I have to ask "Which one?" Okay, I'm being silly. Of course you mean the one that wanted to die in that voyager episode. Which other Q stands out enough to care about...Oh yea...




I had such a crush on Q after that episode... but that's not the Q we're talking about, is it?


No... we must want Q!


The Q/Picard dialogs were always great, but it's what Q did to the crew that was fun. I mean, how else would we have had the great line "I am not a merry man!"


I loved that Q could be brought in for real dramatic episodes, such as throwing the Enterprise to the Borg, or fun episodes like turning Picard into Robin Hood with Worf as a not-so-merry man.


That was a fun stroll down Memory Ln. I need to get the DVDs... it's been far to long since I watched them all.

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It was honest a hard choice, between The Borg or Q


But in the End Q won. I mean he did a of funny stuff to the crew that just kept the entertainment coming.


Not that i'm not saying the phrase "Resistance is Futile" isn't fun to say at times :)

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The Cardassians. I just love them - centuries of decline had forged them into a warlike, untrusting people, all of whom were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for the Union, and their quest to restore their glory forced them into an unholy alliance with the Dominion.


Yet, in the end, they realised there was a better way, and came through in the end.


Plus, David Warner played one of the best Cardassians (excluding Dukat and Garak) -



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I might have said the Borg at one point, but as I'm more of a Doctor Who fanboy I can't quite shake the feeling that somebody stole too much of the cybermen. That said, the Borg are still obviously very cool and have their own ways of going about things.


I'm actually going to go with the Dominion. DS9 is replaying over here in the UK and really enjoying it.

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I voted for the Borg for obvious reasons... but urk :xp: @ Seven of Nine. I'm not effected by geek lust so I didn't like her at all.


You don't like Seven of Nine?!?!?! BLASPHEMER!!!!! :lol:


Actually, I like her personality. I mean, come on. Who didn't like it when she told Tuvok, "Logic is irrelevant"? :p Also, normally, I absolutely despise mind/hallucination episodes, but I like pretty much all of Seven's wierd mind episodes. :)


So, yea. The Borg. And the Borg Queen is such a creepy villain, it's not even funny. :xp:


Besides, the Borg were the first Star Trek enemies I saw outside of the Original Series! :xp:


But of course, Q is great, too...


Okay, I'm split. In a pinch, I'd say the Borg.

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I LOVED that episode. Sark, I mean Jon Irenicus, no, I mean David Warner is awesome!


I was wondering that, myself.

Olivia D'Abo... major hottie! :thumbsup: to Bob!
She still is, too. And that accent is the icing on the cake. I'd, uh, never mind... :drool1:


Yup she still is, and me too! :naughty: -RH

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