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Mod that alters saber fighting in MP


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Hey all,


I haven't played this game in years. Recently I saw that awesome new Tatooine map by Sith J Cull and that he's also working on a Coruscant map (Which I'm dying to see) and it got me thinking of reinstalling this again.


Generally I prefer SP gaming and this style applies as well for my MP games, meaning I like to play with bots offline. I've never really liked the saber system of frantic 'hack and slash' that MP has, I prefer the "somewhat" more strategic nature of the SP block/parry and strike system (Though I find Jedi Outcast's SP saber system was the most intuitive in registering strikes and blocks and delivering the closest thing to movie like saber duels).


So basically I'm searching for a JA saber mod for MP that closely resembles this type of system. If it can work on both SP/MP then great, but I can live with the SP system as is, the MP is where I feel sabering needs desperate work. If I can also use it with custom stances then perfect, if not then no big deal; that's just a luxury and for aesthetics really.


I used to use Forcemod 3 and have checked out Moviebattles which adds blocking and things similar to the features I'm seeking; problem is these mods also alter too many other things aside the saber system such as interfaces, maps, models/skins, etc. The other mods I found for MP are naturally inclined towards client servers and online gameplay which is not something I'm interested in.


I'm adding my own selection of maps and models, and given the restrictions on how many can be added, would really like to find a mod that just affects the saber system and allows me to use my own custom models and maps.


Does anyone here know if anything like this exists? I have searched for a while but couldn't find something that is like this and have not been to these boards for so many years that honestly I haven't a clue of many things that were released.



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You could try OJP, I guess. It has a fairly sophisticated sabering system that is deemed movie-like by some.


Download: http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/OJP_Enhanced;91118


Announcement of the project's new forum: http://lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=194433


Their old forum is here in the JK series section of lf under "Hosted Forums", if you wanna sift through it.

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