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The Art Wall of Fame!

Bee Hoon

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February '09 had the topic of "Essence of the Dark Side". igyman wins with his lovely piece Devouring Katarr. Congrats!


The poll can be found here.


Here is the winning entry. Enjoy! :D


Devouring Katarr



It is said pictures speak louder than words...







Author's note:

Since a lot of people have surely put in a lot of effort to write interesting fanfics, I thought I should at least write something regarding the thought process behind my art submission.


At first I wanted to do a scary picture with low lighting and I was considering many well known Sith Lords, especially Darth Sion. Then I realized that just making a scary picture is not going to give me an adequate representation of the Dark Side, so Sion was dropped. Then I thought about making a picture of the greatest Sith manipulator - Palpatine, but I wasn't happy with how that picture turned out, so that idea was dropped too.

Then I got to thinking, what about an event that was caused in a way by the Dark Side and had a significant impact on the galaxy? So Katarr came to mind. That's when I made the first picture that portrays the event from Nihilus' perspective.

Admittedly, I was still a bit influenced by the "scary picture" idea when I made that one, which is probably why I wasn't completely satisfied with submitting it alone, so I decided to portray the same event from another perspective.

I tried to portray it from the Ravager's bridge, but the results and the impact of that picture weren't satisfying. That's when the final idea hit me: Nihilus' perspective shows a part of the emotions caused by dark acts, I needed a view from the other side to fully present the essence of the Dark Side and I drew the event from Visas' perspective.

I didn't have enough time to color the "Visas' perspective" picture, but in the end I remembered how the Miraluka's Force vision was portrayed in game and in the KoTOR comic book, so I managed to produce a similar effect that, in my opinion, gives an even deeper presentation of how she experienced the event.

In the end, you be the judges of whether I got it right.

Thanks for looking and thanks for reading this.

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