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JK problems on vista 64 bit


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I know there are already alot of ways to install JK on Vista, but i am still having problems. I followed the guide about taking the files right off the cd, running it in xp sp2 mode, etc, and adding -windowgui to the shortcut's command line. JK runs, and the main menu works perfectly, cut scene is fine, but when it loads the level, it gives me a message saying my computer can not handle the settings, and it goes back to the main menu. I dont get why it does this this, since my computer can definately handle running it. (if i can run jedi academy mp, with UU, downloads, web browser, and several other programs running at the same time, and still have no lag, i think it can handle JK. ;) Anyway, i can get the game to start and play it when i set it to the smallest resolution, but the collors are all messed up. instead of normal coloring, it uses all these super bright whites, greens, yellows, and blues. hurts my eyes to look at it -_- Any idea what the problem is, and how to fix it? again, this is vista 64-bit, so i can't install it directly from the CD.

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