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Clara & the metal detector. [Year 2]


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I drank some of the golden drink, spoke with clara and let her know that i want the metal detector.... but she didnt trowing it...

when im coming back now, she only telling me that she will be in a break only i dawn.


When im getting closer to this metal check point, she checking me and thats it, nothing happend.


What am i doing wrong? :|



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Hmmm... im stuck, again.

Iv got the book from this guys in the blue club... now when im speaking with Lola [that blocking my way because she didnt clean up yet], i need to go back to my casino, Nick is not there.

There is just 3 guys in the club, i can speak only with 2 of them, and non of them is nick.


I will be glad if you will help me in this case also, the walkthrough on the net not so useful .

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Im in this part:


In 3:25 when im entering this room, the guy is doing a tatto for some sea-man... when im trying to speak with him, he telling me "not now"...


What i did wrong?


Because in youtube he is not busy.

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