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Oh My God.


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lol, how have you been, leXX? How's my favorite female brit? :D


I'm fine thanks. I kinda dissapeared from this place for a couple of years when I got completely addicted to WoW, but I'm back for good now. Really good to see you. Make sure you do stick around. ;)

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Hey obi, I got your message but I had to go to work, and did not have time to respond.


leXX and I got together with some of the other kids on this forum that you might remember (me, Rogue Nine, Darth Moeller, Lynk Former, Jae Onassi, leXX , and Boba Rhett) and put this together:




Hope you have an ipod! or some mp3 device. Otherwise you can stream them right off the site.


Managing a popular video game store, buying a townhouse, and hosting the podcast has kept me pretty busy, but kept me out of trouble.


Also Resident Evil 5 is teh own! :D


Stop by more frequently. I miss you dearly...

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hey...youre the one who left me...we were like brothers....we had the geraldo rivera mask we used to put on people and just go to town on them




you put me though so much emotional trauma....*cries*


I am sorry that I brought you through so much trauma =(


It's ok, though! Now I am a pastor! I can lay hands on you with my magical pastor powers and instantly take it all away! lol


I miss the geraldo mask. I hope it's still in good condition =(

Seeing how bongobob is fishing around for the fish pic, I think we've found the first victim to bring the mask out of retirement.....


-_- @ bongo

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Nope, when you delete the source of an image, it usually disappears from the internet forever.


Like repressed childhood memories, they stay waaaaayyy in the back of your mind, next to the radiator, where obi is chained to it.


Oh, and hey obi, I remember you. Doubt you remember me. Welcome back

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I remember you jebby webbys =P


Dath and I have fought many wars, this is true.


Let's not forget the historic LFJA wars in which many lost their lives, and it actually took my life as well.


But don't worry, it got restored, naturally. :p

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