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AVol's Darth Vader but FOR KOTOR???


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Well, you're probably posting because you have seen the AVoL thread elsewhere here in the KOTOR modding community sections. Am I Right?



Well, no there is not to my knowledge.


The closest things there are to this are


1) a very old mod of Darth Vader armor for the player, covers the body but leaves the head open...PM me your email and I'll try to find it in my 300+ CD archive of miscalaneous crap which includes mods from even the PCGM days. It would take awhile.


2) The Darth Malak Vader skin. Makes Malak look a bit more like the familiar villain we all have come to associate with SW in general.


I'm trying to get the hang of the KOTOR tool right now as an aspiring modder myself. However, it is giving me no end of grief because I only have TSL installed on my computer right now. Can't find my K1... :( Wanted to take a pop at this...


I'd estimate it would take a bit of GMAX remodeling, and reskin of a character and I'd use Malak or Zaalbar as a basis depending on the set of animations you'd want to use. Malak model form K1 is the same as Nihilus from K2 w.r.t. size and animations which is what I see is the basis for AVOL's Vader. However the Malak model's animations only cover single lightsaber/sword use. No dual wield, no blasters, no other melee...and many others missing. Do not point it out to people like shem on his youtube BTW...he gets no end of that and it is rather annoying to him. (He's griped at me when I've only tried to be funny.) ;)


( It's ok, Shem, I understand. )


@ Darth Scorpius: AVoL, to my knowledge, has not frequented these parts for some time.


I have his Vader mod for K2, and SD nihil and myself both have his bronze/Orange fix.

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Im pretty sure the Avol Vader uses a editted Darth Nihilus therefore it could count as porting.


yeah and nihilus seemed much closer to vader then malak does (apperance wise) it would have to take a good modeler. Or at least someone willing to try but i think it can be done.

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