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Old skins by Shadowtrooper - where to find?


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I am looking for some old skins made by Shadowtrooper(501) that used to be on pcgamemods before it went kaput. I have tried fruitlessly to locate them on the net with no luck at all. And I tried emailing him at his old email address but it was undeliverable. Here are the skins I am looking for, if anyone knows where I could find and download them or happens to have these. I have provided pics from an old message board that went defunct and have gotten nmaes of the files from an archived crawl of pcgamemods from Internet Archive Wayback Machine. If anyone does have these, please post here or please send me a PM.




Original filename was Bosskv1.zip


Imperial Commando reskin without goggles:


Original filename was s_imp_commandov1.zip


New Noghri skin:


Original filename was new_noghri.zip


Thanks in advance to anyone for their feedback or help. :)

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OK I dug

sorry no joy on shadowtrooper Mara, the closest thing i found was ShadowKnight1's which was what i confused it with (name similarity and aging memory) and that one is actually pretty nice, the figure is good but she does not have the jacket style of shadowtroopers...


here that one is in case you want to try it:




and two more Mara's, by Edward Peretti and one by Trauma Sensei, there is one by minibattledroid for JK2 but it is bascially Jan with a dark outfit.


Mara Jade Sp



Mara Jade


There is a shadowtropper outfit for Kyle that is very similar to the Mara outfit from shadowtrooper's Mara you lilke that might work on the Mara by Shadowknight:) sorry i did not have her in the one you wanted.


There is one more option, a while ago Amidala made a very cool expansion for the human female options for JKA, you just add the mod into the base folder and you have some really nice additional fully alpha'd human female skin and detail choices....and you can come up with a Mara that is pretty close to shadowtrooper's skin that you put up the pic of .. :)



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Sorry Force, was busy with catching up on some other projects..


no joy on those skins sorry. I had a ton of others but not those. I hope they linger somewhere or maybe we can somehow find shadowtrooper himself...i wonder if Massassi temple has his contact info? or JKfiles....

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Well, I did manage to find a clickable link to an email form to send him an email since he left some comments about one skin he did submit a couple of years ago to jkfiles. I hope that it gets to him, as the last time I sent him an email at the email address he had in the readme for the skin he has there was undeliverable. If it doesn't, then it will be time to call it quits. Cris, thanks for all of your efforts to find these. I do appreciate it.

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