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[K1] Special Armoured Robe

Wedge Suron

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Does anyone know what a good template to use this robe on is in K1? Armor or Robe, it doesn't matter.




I would prefer Female only, but if it's not easy then it doesn't matter.


Ingame Requirements.


Medium Armor feat


Other Requirements.


Must have Purple parts, lol


Description: The Robe's history is unknown, however it is rumoured to have belonged to a Jedi that served on Taris. - Hint hint, Mandalorian Wars? or Jedi Covenant? -


Stats: If you ask Darth Payne, he knows that I don't like the fact that K1 robes have no stats except Defense.


No dexterity stat as it has a high defense. Have a look at the Jedi Robe stat mod for assistance on what it did to add stats.


Stats that aren't attributes.


Defense + 10

Regeneration + 5

FP Regen + 2


Stats in order of attributes.


Strength + 8

Constitution: + 10

Wisdom: + 8

Charisma: + 8


Other cool features in the mod if it is possible to make the mod: The Lightsaber shown, hilt doesn't matter. But has to be Purple.


Where to find it: Brejik's corpse.


Way to install: TSL Patcher to make it compatible with other mods that use the corpse, or uses armor/robe retextures.


Cape: Is optional. I would ask for this in TSL but my TSL has really messed up, since TSL has armoured robes. Note that I did ask Canderis for it in TSL, but since then my TSL became as it is.


Lightsaber stats.


Standard ones, just a purple saber added to the corpse.


Notes: I gave up on this forum long ago, since I made a request and didn't get a single answer, but I'm trying again. - Off topic, but connected. -


Time to do it in: Some time in the next year preferably, lol

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that look a little like the jango's armor, and there's a mod to have the jango armor, so is like do the same armor but purple, without the jetpack, the helm and for a woman, the armor used was a heavy armor like the cassus fett armor, so, this one will be probably very easy, just a reskin

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The robe is a fan drawing Atlantic, the girl in the pic is Jaina Solo. lol, of course it looks like Jango's armor it is a Mandalorian Design or supposed to be. I was originally going to ask for it to be put with Canderous but I want it a little sooner.

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Well, I sinish the snik, tell me if you want something different.






http://img10.imageshack.us/img10/563/jainasolo4.jpg so, if you don't want the male armor, i put a restriction for "only female" and the helm is not a part of the mod so you can just forget it :p

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Hmm. It's meant to belong to a Jedi and be a robe with armoured parts, so technically it's got to have Jedi in there somewhere.


Name: Mandalorian Jedi Robe.


Notes: It fits K1 robe styles in that it has no cape but has features of TSL armoured robes.


Did you add the stats? Also, the Helm perfectly fits the robe.

Edited by Wedge Suron
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Hmmm...the Mandalorians and the Jedi are enemies, so I find it strange for the two to work together to make a suit of armor. HOWEVER, it could be Jedi armor inspired by Mandalorian design. So it could be called Ordo Clan Robes or ummm...hmmm...My creativity seems to have run out temporarily.

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