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The Good Idea/Bad Idea Game


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Bad idea: it'll be too runny to stay very well. (It might make a nice catalyst for home made incendiary though! ;))


Idea: Taking stapler to horses genitals.




@ others


Unleashing two homicidal androids conviently named Androids 17 and 18 across the earth and letting them fight everyone they want to.


Bad idea. DBZ went crap when that started


Not to mention 18 would be so hot in real life that everything with a penis and at least some heterosexual inclinations would try to get it on with her. She'd be too busy avoiding rape to ever be able to concentrate on homicide.


A gun that fires electrified bullets.

Uhh, actually we already have those, it's called shotgun taser bullets. Go check it out sometime. ;)


A computer that doubles as a refrigerator.

I'm sure you more or less say that about the high end fridges at bestbuy--electronic brains, DVD player w/ screens......if that isn't enough I'm sure you could design something to meet your satisfaction. ;) Master's degree in engineering much? ...Eh, it'll only be a matter of time.

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Good idea as long as I can get loaded once in a while while doing it. (and beat on a little uhh, "meow" If you catch my drift).


Lobbing dumpsters, dead racoons, and pianos full of manure at the corleone residence in lake tahoe. Like that Vader esque gardener dude did to rocko's house in rocko's modern life.

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