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The Good Idea/Bad Idea Game


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Yes, good idea. I am especially interested since I own a rat or two right now in fact.


bad idea: Only Muslims have Herems!

Harems can be had by anyone, they're just largely associated with moslems. :carms: I *can* have my harem of people, sexariod dolls, and farm animals and *not* believe in Islam!


Bad idea, unless you're an anti-intellectual.

That...Or you have been contracted in secret by a competing university to do so and paid handsomely. Knowing you Alk, that could mean any one of several things. :devsmoke:


Shaving rats and using them for hood ornaments.

I have rats as pets. :mad:

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PWNING Dr. Hax when he least suspects.

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Ooh, pretty. I'd be down for that. Also, take some Heet brand antifreeze (it's ethyl alcohol or something like that) and mix in some boric acid powder (roach killer)--be careful as both of these are extremely toxic--then ignite it and you have green fire as well. There was also something else you could by boiling some ferrous liquid similar to hematite and it made purple clouds and it trails red once it catches on ceilings or walls and condensed again in liquid form. (Does anyone else know what I'm talking about? Know what the magical stuff is called?)


(BTW, oh, that's right you live in a farming community where they are nuisances, mybad)




Sequel to Angry Cat Man's "Yelling at cats" video.

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Good idea, but I'm pretty sure that it's already around. But if not, the caffeine would make people think that it makes them sober up, and then the placebo effect will hit, which will make them act less like idiots, so everyone wins.


Dropping out of an engineering program to double major in Theatre and Women's Studies.


While being a dude.

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^^^From a serious standpoint, however, you're not exactly counteracting one another with caffeine vs alcohol. I may be being too scientific about it but it's true that your system really is having a hard time compensating and keeping up when you do this: your body is reacting to both at the same time and sending out signals according to both. Your system panics. BAD, bad idea.

From a flavorful standpoint: Already tried, results vary. Blueberry soda and lager isn't too bad, actually. Some, on the other hand taste just awful. :p


Hotsauce enema.

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Good idea, after the novelty wears off I'd be an insane super villain, and be covered in textbooks for centuries to come.


Good idea, proper disposal and recycling cause global warming.


Being granted the power to meticulously review textbooks (and yes, you have to fact-check old editions and new additions).

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Neutral: Mixed results, but common sense suggests morons (as these things go) your efforts shall be in vain b/c what you go in intending to make better may well end up worse off. Sometimes it can be made better.


Appealing for the creation of a merit patch: "jackass of LF" b/c you post extensively in the games section. Requirements: You aren't exactly funny like a jester but amusing nonetheless to at least 3 other members and have 1500 posts here in this section. C'mon, whadya think fellas (and ladies if we have any here, in any form)?

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