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The Good Idea/Bad Idea Game


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Neutral: The car battery won't really get much harm, and the microwave will just keck.


@ mandalor: Apparently not enough trek to get that...and I watched a bit here and there.


Microwaving mostly expired (translation: un-lit and now physically compromised outer casing) Pyro that you just found out is bad b/c your rats have been nesting in there when they decide to run off. (True story btw.)

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Good idea if

1) you live alone

2) you live with anyone else who understands that line of humor.

Bad idea for people who live with someone who wouldn't understand.

.......all the while I'm not even counting whether or not one actually intends to carry out that note...:indif:


Trying to get jiggy with Halibel from Bleach and yet being nowhere near as powerful as she.

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Bad idea. If you fail, she could reject you violently. If you succeed, let's just say she might not know her own strength.


Answering "Outranking you." to the question "Where do you see yourself in X number of years?" at a job interview.

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'Round here it's a bad idea, that stuff's pretty much the same as pop, but in the U.S. it'd just be tea with ice in it, so that wouldn't be bad. Especially if it was one of those healthy hippy teas.


Telling your friends to watch out when they drink water because it's molten hot.


Bad Idea: Duct tape band-aids would hurt man!

Or they would breed a species of super-tough humans.

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Good idea, I'd take the money I made from all that and abolish people that piss me off.


Having scratched yerself under the covers of your drawers just before the campus security officer (who incidentally didn't catch that) sneaks up on you suspecting you and your friends of drug possession and does a hand sniff inspection. (true story btw :xp:)

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