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The Good Idea/Bad Idea Game


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Good idea. I resent that my parents, whose retirement is everything they put into their house, should have to face an increase in capital gains taxes SO CLOSE TO RETIREMENT, simply on account that it is considered an "investment"...hence I think OWS should really try to educate itself a little better.


Making it so that certain people (Emperor George) who want oil from Canada shipped here via their trains as opposed to a pipeline, should have to pay a stiff penalty for being selfish and tyrannous.

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Bad idea, that mean mean half the non-cat jokes on the internet would die out.


Trying to burn down the sun.


@Avlectus: It's too late, the oil's going to China if King Steve has his way (that is, if he manages to talk the B.C. government, Haida, Nisga'a, and whoever else is between the oilsands and Vancouver).

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Pointless...enough said...


would be @ Totenkopf: Neutral...aww c'mon, you don't find it hilarious when some naive guy starts getting hot and bothered for a trap only to be told it's a trap and have a freakout afterwards?


Telling lady gaga to get out while the getting is good, because like forgetting to take out the garbage, it really gets old after awhile.

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(No offense to any fans, I just don't think she's all that good, and it looks like she is desperate for attention so I am compelled to ignore her until points where I have no choice, then my only reaction to it is disgust.)


@ Hal. >_< Well, S***. There goes any hope of our economy in the U.S. recovering in the next 25 years. :disaprove

Thanks Mr. President.

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Good Idea: If I don't get it after watching it and attempting to substitute the words like you direct then it has to be a good thing...right?


Making a freeware, epically fun flash game with somewhat customizable characters, and a number of appearances among unique ones are mild knockoffs of popular characters--just shy of gimmick infringement. (I.E. a fighting RPG and characters resemble those of street fighter, KOF, final fantasy 7 thru 10, bleach, naruto, etc.)

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