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The Good Idea/Bad Idea Game


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Neutral: I suppose it could have good uses, but I can't think of any off hand because that isn't typically something I'd do if I wanted my creations to survive.



Using part of a defunct ionic pro's outer casing (the part with a curvature) as a star wars-y original face mask--the front of it anyways...


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Good idea: The pissed off feedback comments alone are worth it.


Taking the waste product of white lightning (a.k.a. Moonshine--people who know better don't call it that!) production process, and using it as an ultra-volatile fuel and present it as a recycling solution and an energy solution to shut up the American Green Party.

Note: The same people who like to go north, record glaciers melting in the summertime only to propagandize it with "ZOMG polar icecaps melting--enact da policiez!!!!!11!!1~!!". (Of which a Canadian YouTuber has made me aware! :golfclap: )

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Excellent idea. Demolition makes for a great party.


Bad idea. Would you want to hear that from your dad?


I already have heard it. Not just from my dad. Friends have said it too. My boss at my auto mechanic job is also a grumpy smartass who has said similar stuff. Probably rubbing off on me. Apparently it's a trollface meme now.


Scratching your junk because "He who loves, lost, is just another hand in the bush".

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