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The Good Idea/Bad Idea Game


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Excellent idea. Sounds like fun.




Bad idea. Do you have any idea how big a sarlacc actually is?
Yes I do actually. Do you even know about Jabba's father, Zorba? ...I'll just leave it at that.



Making a christmas peppermints with Dave's ghost pepper gourmet hot sauce.



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(BTW my roommate ordered some and it just came in today. I can already tell, this is gonna hurt.)
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Damn good idea! The Prince of Darkness screws George Bailey over by faking to be his guardian angel and actually pushes poor George off the bridge into the river.




Ozzie: Well that's what you bloody well wanted! Don't blame me!





Ozzie running for President and winning the election.


(I know, it's a shot in the dark, but hey...it could happen)

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Good idea. That's such a natural profanity given today's literacy levels...I'm actually surprised it isn't already. *raises beer to a toast in creating a world with one more profanity*


Making a romhack of megaman 4, with an insanely hard version of ShadowMan--like 20 different attacks on an 8 bit platform........ :devsmoke:

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