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A little extravagant there, EA?

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Fwo-ho-ho. Check it out!




Apparently they really want to give journalists, covering the releases of their "Mafioso" themed games, a tasty introduction. A little TOO tasty.


Brass Knucks, anyone?


For more info:



...Impressions my mafia loving LF'er friends? I understand there is some kind of family biz going on. :lol: You, and anyone following EA games might enjoy the newsflash. Rich indeed. Discuss.

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If they really wanted to create a Cosa Nostra feel they should have sworn the Journos to an Omerta, and threatened them with a Lupara if they said anything about the game - but I don't suppose that would have generated enough buzz for what looks like an 'average' game.


I would have thought that a company as large as EA would have used a little more foresight on the contents of their press packs, however.

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Why bother with the brass-knucks. For an authentic mafia experience, you actually need a bouffant hairdo, large sideburns, a gold chain/medallion and the odd 'forgetaboutit' thrown into a sentence.




Never understood the fascination with largely uneducated dullards who turn to violence crimes of gain to make their way in the world.


Even the cleverest crims end up in a bad way ;)




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Another case study in marketing gone amuck. Now, to be clear, it is the marketing folks' responsibility to brainstorm and come up with creative ways to promote their product. It's just that sometimes they get a tad bit carried away and need someone else to step in and bring them back to earth.


Apparently nobody outside of EA marketing stepped in to say "wait a sec, let's consider the legal ramifications" before this brass knuckles idea became reality. :smirk2:

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LAWL: ---------------------------------------------------->>>>>>

Brass knuckles jewelry ad.


(EDIT: BAWWWW! They are changing it around to screw with me.)


Uhh, yeah. I kinda wish I were a recipient, myself. :dev8:



In all seriousness though. I agree that there SIMPLY ARE BETTER WAYS TO MAKE AN IMPRESSION. Seriously what's lacking in all facets of every aspect of our lives:



And I'd say it's showing.

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Uhh, no. Weed tames them down to a less violent state. You're thinking of something else, Jae.


EDIT: unless their chemistry just "happens" to differ which I would not bet on.


Well, I was meaning to say they must have been high to have come up with an idea that stupid.

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