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Sometimes the littlest choices have huge outcomes!!! [Spoilers]


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What I’m about to talk about here is a long time coming in terms of what I’ve learned about the general KOTOR players when posting videos on YouTube. My findings – though not set up – should be an interesting read for you, so that is what promoted me to report this.


Who would have thought where putting two dialogue choices you could make in KOTOR II: TSL by Obsidian would have a huge impact for the impatient and the surprises that are in the game.


Here is the dialogue choice I’m talking about that has a huge impact on what happens for the rest of the game:




I almost want to go back in time when this game was being developed and tell Obsidian to reverse the order. Reason being is all the impatient gamers out there who are surprised by the results of that one dialogue choice. The biggest change is that with choosing number two, you’re going to get Admiral Carth Onasi instead of Admiral Cede (the black guy). All because they didn't read the dialogue choices because they didn't think this conversation was very important. So they skipped through it and because of that thinking, they will automatically pick the first option, which is the dark side Revan instead of the light side Revan, which means no Carth. You get the black guy Admiral Cede instead. Then when seeing my videos of Carth, they're all confused.


If Obsidian had it in mind that lots of people are lazy when it comes to paying attention to things they don't think is important, they may have thought that having option 1 and 2 reversed because in the long run more people would rather see Carth than some guy they didn't know. But at the same time it's the gamer's fault that they decide not to pay attention.


I also think comprehension skills maybe lacking as well. The 1st option talks about Revan uniting the Sith on Korriban. That would mean Revan is the dark side if they thought about it hard enough. Then you have to think about how the first KOTOR game ended when Revan chose the dark side. What happened to Carth? That's why he wouldn't be in the game when making that choice.


The 2nd option talks about saving the Republic and if you think about that carefully, that's a light side choice. Carth was there at the end celebration which means Revan and Carth would remain friends which would explain Carth's presence in the game, right?


Want to know how many times people have been surprised that Carth is in the game? Here are some quotes on my some of my YouTube videos featuring Carth in TSL that you may find amusing and all because they pick the first option rushing through the dialogue thinking it’s not important:


*Keep in mind that YouTube doesn’t have a language filter so I cut some of it out and put “[snip]” in there in those cases.




"when do u choose revan ds/ls?"


"Hmm... The first time I played this game, I thought that discussion with Atton was almost entirely pointless. I never knew it could actually alter history. :P"


"I thot this was long after carth's time. Thot they'd all be LOOOOONG DEAD"


"is this a mod? i hope not!"


"Could you tell me how you get to that because carth was kick[snip] in the first game."


"is this on da xbox version"


"I thought the second one was based on the DS ending in the first. Oh, I wish I saw this ending."


"i wonder whatever happened to the rest of the party members on the 1st kotor, if u choose the light side"


"can u meet mission or big z?"


"how'd you get this scene shem?"


"I maybe be pathetic at KOTOR2 but i picked light side and male for revan Does this cut scene come up automatically? or do you have to like complete some sort of side quest?"


"carth is in kotor 2!!!!!????"


"how did you do that? how did you meet carth? plz tell me"


"I know how to make Revan a man or a woman but how do you make him lige or dark side?"


"how you get carth?"


"what do i have to do to get this"


"is this a mod or not"


"is this the PC version i only have the xbox version of 1 and 2 should i get the pc versioZ of them? is there extra content???? PLZ MESSAGE A REPLY I WILL BUY THEM TODAY IF THERE IS!!!"


"How do i Choose Revan in The Beginning Of The Game?"


"how you do that"


"Was this a mod or can you actually meet up with him? It doesn't look like a mod to me though."


"How do you get this scene to appear?"


"how do u set revan as light/dark??"


"How do you talk to Carth in kotor 2?"


"so what you did in the first game....effects the second one as well?"


"Where the hell (again...) was Carth when Darth Nihilus attacked Telos?! Well, I guess I'm going to start over KotOR 2 for the 5th time."


"how come somtimes wen i play,its carth,but other new games,its that black guy?"


"where abouts on telos did u find carth?"


"How do you get this conversation with Carth? How! please give me full detail!"


"argh dangit, just finished Kotor2 again last week, playing as female. I can't remember having the option to say revan was light =( I did say revan was female tho and i never skip through dial's."

"[snip] how could i have missed it =("


"these games can be confusing sometimes but i think i have it all figured out i should go play it again to make sure"


"Wait, where do u see Carth, i played TSL and i didnt see him"


"Huh? This is on x-box too?? I have this on x-box but I never seen this before"


"Ah my God can you tell when this will happen in the game? Like which planet or somthing..? I'm a light-side female"


"How do you set Revan to be on the light side? Of 20 times I played through this game I managed to do it only once - by misstake. And I don't remember how to do it. :S Please tell me."


"how do you get this??"


"so uhh, is this a mod for the PC or can i get this on my xbox version?"


"How do u get this?"


"is this like only on 1 console like xbox or pc"


"I don't understand. when I play, after you've killed Darth Nihilus you go straight to Malacore 5. how did you do? Could you explain as specificly as possible."


"how do u get to meet carth?"


"ok is this also on the xbox game cuz ive never seen this!?!?!?!?"


"I don't remember this scene?"


"wait when do u meet carth i have beaten it and have never met Carth"


"This is KotOR II? I don't remember this scene?! This is mod?!"


"do you have to be a girl to meet carth?"


"There are some things i dont understand. On Peragus Atton says that Revan takes sith to Korriban and On Korriban in those special Chambers u find a holocron of Bastila as a dark Jedi. But in this it shows them as all good. So wtf??? Was Revan good or bad in this game??"


"HOLY?!? i thought darth reven took the dark side...or did her take light..or both???"


"how did you meet carth? i could never find him."


"is this KOTOR 2 if so how do you get to meet carth?"


"Hey! How come "I" Never experienced this part before !"


"how'd u get to meet carth. Revan is on the light side and male but wat do i do to see carth"


"lol mods"


"can u only meet carth in KOTOR2 on the pc version?"


"Sorry, when does this happen??? What do I have to do? I never met Carth..."


"can you plz tell me all the steps to doing this? cause i thought u kill him in 1st ver."


"hey how do u get carth as admiral i always get this black guy"

All those comments could have been avoided if only Obsidian switched the dialogue choice order because of the impatient gamers out there.


Another choice that comes after all that is what gender Revan was. This is paid attention to more, than the first one for some reason, though still overlooked:




Anyway, this affects the outcome on whether or not Bastila shows up with Carth at the end of the game if Revan was light side, and other parts of the game, etc, etc, etc…


The biggest thing that the confused need to understand. It doesn't matter what the Exile is (light or dark, male or female), it matters what you set Revan to be in the conversation points I pointed out. How anybody would think the choices of what you make your Exile would matter what happened to Revan, Carth or Bastila for that matter. It doesn't, but people still ask it which makes me want to smack them on the side of the head and tell them to think about it really hard.


Well, here are some interesting comments about Bastila showing up in the game in some of my YouTube videos you may find amusing:


"How is Bastilla there? She died in the first game if you went to the Light side."


"This doesn't make any sense!!! Does Bastila or Carth shows up again in the course of the game?! If not, where/(what) the hell was Bastila (doing) when Kreia killed Kavar, Vrook and Zez Kai-Ell?!"


"yoo JediShemL, you probably heard of this question a million times, so im sorry. but there are soo many scenes that you see bastilla and/or carth in kotoR 2. Can you see all of those scenes in one saved game by setting revan and the exile to certain genders and light/dark side paths? or do they all happen to different settings?"


"Hey can anyone tell me if bastilla still appears to talk to carth after the meeting with The exile and carth? Or is that just cut if you choose revan to me a female i know she appears if you choose reven to be male. "


"I ONly found Bastla dark side messege how do u find Bastela light and Carth's message"


"To set Revan on the darkside, and Bastila with him, what must you do? Does the Exile have to be dark sided?"


"where do u find this"




"but the only thing I get is a Dark side bastila message"


"i never even got these cutscenes."


"is this in the game????"


"how do you unlock this."


"how do you get this message??"


"it's that bastila????"


"is this only on the pc version"


"Bastila didn't pop up in my game."


"WOW thats really cool i didnt know bastilla was still around"


"I didn't see Bastila in that Scene! O_O"


"can sum1 send me a email message explaining to me why bastila is still alive"


"ok i dont know but i never ever met Carth OR Bastila in KOTOR 2 on Xbox except for Bastila's hologram in sith academy"


"why would they show Bastila? What if she turns to the darkside in the first one she just comes back to light?"


"wth.. when i played the game (female light side watchman i think) i never saw bastilla though. the only time i saw her was when u had to fight her, malak and the other jedi who went to the dark side."


"I've seen that part, but not with bastilla, is this cut content or do you just have to declare revan a guy at the beginning."


"WTF!!! I'm sooo confused!! Was that last part real?"


"How do you get this dialogue?"


"yay carth and bastila r alive"


"what is this? why are both carth and bastila on kotor2? how is this? i've beat the game but i've never spoken to them at any time"


"how did u get that stuff can u get it for the xbox version?"


"Are u sure this was if Revan is Set to Light Side..."


"when in second the game do you decide whether revan was light or dark side?"


"So... If you tell of Revan as male is Kotor1 then you get to see Carth and Bastilla!?!? Damn, i never saw them"


"how do you reveal that revan is light sided?"


"how did u get bastil holo on tc?"


"who is that woman? It is not Bastila!"


"but i have meet carth but never seen bastila coming is that not strange...or-_-"


"question, how do you get bastila to be in that scene? i usually get it to the point where does "following his orders" thing but i thought she was killed sorry if i seem like idiot but i honestly dont know."


"where does bastila make an appearance in KOTORII?"


"how do u get that when i get into that room its says that it was damaged from the explosion"


"wen i do it it says it was blon up"


"how did you open door without destroying the holocron? i just blowed the dooe up but it destroys the holocron"


"huh i thought the holocrone gets destroyed once you use the theorom charges on the door, how do you open the door without damaging the holocrone"


"ive tryed wit hthe bomb it only destroys the holocron"


"How do you get into that room? Whenever I try to get in it ruins the hologram..."


"when you say bastila appears in the game do you mean in the hologram or in the flesh? if in the flesh how do you get to see her?"

Just imagine how many people out there who have never seen any of my YouTube videos never knew the whole time they played TSL that both Carth and Bastila are in the game. Let’s just say there is enough out there that rumors do spread to the gullible.


One of the craziest rumors that will never seem to die is Kreia is Bastila many, many years later. There are so many people out there that never saw Bastila in TSL that it’s a strong rumor. All because setting Revan to the dark side was the first option instead of the second. If only Obsidian switched the options, this rumor probably wouldn’t have gotten out there. Yes, it does take some thinking that the game is five years later, but many people out there don’t know that and it never occurs to them like how Master Vrook is in the game and hasn’t aged. Logic isn’t a strong point, but then again being logical in my opinion means you read the dialogue before you make the choice.


Well, here are some quotes about this rumor I’ve come across:


"BINGO I GOT IT.kriea is bastilia!remeber revan corrupts her."


"i know for a fact that kreia is bastilla"


"Mandalore is Canderous just like Bastila is Kreia"


"I played Kotor 2 lots of times, before 1. But, does this mean that Kreia was Bastila o_O?"


"How do you know Kreia isn't Bastila???? Where do you see Bastila in kotor2???"


"could Kreia be Bastila?"


"She is bastila?(sorry if i spelt that wrong)but i have played kotor 2 and completed it but i dont know this."


"so is this Kreia actually Bastila???"


"i have a feeling kreia is bastilla or something"


"i thiank that She is bastlla"


I also got a PM of someone trying to get my attention that they know Bastila is Kreia:


She appears once in Kotor 2, and that's in a hologram, and plus, bastilla was the only person in the game that knew you were revan, so how does kreia know?


And also my friend gave me die-hard evidence, he e-mailed lucasarts and asked them and they replied with "yes, but she has ages alot, infact every character in the game has aged, all but revan!

After linking several sources of evidence that the game is five years later and gave him logical evidence like Master Vrook is there, alive and hasn’t aged, Carth being there, and showing Bastila’s appearance with Carth, etc, etc, he sends me this reply:


Then you've clearly never completed Kotor 1, coz when you fight bastilla in the star forge, she says, " I wanted to tell you that you were revan, you could have been the evil darklord again, but instead you gave it up to be a good, heroic jedi! get your facts straight you fat gaming nerd, I'm blocking you!
Again, all because Obsidian put the dark side choice first. Reminds me of that quote Carth said to Dustil:


"I'm proud of you, Dustil. You aren't hanging onto a lie after you see it for what it is. Not everyone could do that."


That quote used to be in my signature before it got too big, but there is so much real life meaning that quote brings to you.


I hope I gave you all good laughs that came all because Obsidian had to put the dark side Revan as choice number one, and the light side Revan as choice number two. :D

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Well clearly not everyone tries to get the full value out of their games...twits...I mean, why bother spending money on something only to rush through it, not understanding what is going on - for heaven's sake deciding outcomes and environment (like Bastila and Carth appearing) through choices is one of the most appealing things about the series!


I can understand those who have only played it once, maybe even twice, having missed it, but I can't abide those who rush through and ignore dialogue...especially if they later claim the game was lacking story or was too short...


And that individual in the last exchange - what an arrogant swine! Sure the back of the blasted box even says it was five years later! Though, I doubt one can put much faith in an individual that claims a game developer told them something which is just undoubtedly, indefensibly wrong without even extracting a little bit.




My sentiments exactly.



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LOL. Good work Shem!

And the rumors about Kreia = Basty is :xp: because the timeline is so clearly.

I just simply chose what i really did in KOTOR1( male Revan saved the republic) and i got Bastila the first time i play this game. :p

The first time i saw Kreia i also thought she is Bastila. :p

And truth betold, i have played this game only once ( mostly because of Peragus :argh: ) Then i suddenly found out that there's something between Basty's appearance and the dialouge with Atton.

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It really is amazing how people refuse to read the dialog options properly, and pay attention to the story. That's what the KotOR games are about, after all.


The rumors that Kreia is Bastila were ridiculous, even when they started, especially as you see Carth and Bastila speaking near the end of the game, if you played as LS.


I agree with what you said, Shem, that the dialog options are the wrong way around, but then again, if people are too lazy to read what's on the screen, rather then just skipping through, it's their own fault that they know nothing of the story and characters. What's annoying though, is that others, who do pay attention have to suffer from their stupidity, in answering daft questions.


Even after being told, people still refuse to listen to reason. It really gets irritating after 50 odd times of explaining to someone that Kreia is not Bastila, while Mandalore is Canderous Ordo...


It's a role-playing game, which means that sometimes it might help to actually read through the dialog choices. What a concept. :dozey:


iknorite? Revolutionary, eh? :p

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Wow...all those comments just because the options were a bit mixed up...




And how can someone actually believe that Bastila is Kreia?! Bastila was around twenty during the Jedi Civil war...and Kreia is...what, fifty or sixty years old?


Well you know what they say, when you're an idiot-it's permanent xD

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That is one brave thing to say in the middle of the SWK forum.. :p


haha, yeah.......



lol. wow some people need to learn how to play their games better. its called paying attention!


And I never once would have EVER thought that Kreia was Bastila. never ever. even before I beat the game.... Just wow

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.................Who the eff is Revan? What, is that person a snail?


@ thread: Damn. As one of my lady friends said about bad drivers: People just don't F***'in LOOK anymore. You could put it RIGHT_IN_FRONT_OF_THEIR_FACES and they *still* don't see it. Makes you want to SMACK them upside the head. Doesn't it? However, when people say "whoops, I guess I didn't read it", since I can't smack them upside the head through the monitor, it really makes me want to cuss them out.


OR at the very least if I want to be a snarky smartass, as EnderWiggen has said once before to someone else (and made me :rofl:)

Well...That just makes me all sad inside.


You know Shem, I actually understand why you 'seem' so irritable on youtube. *So* many people are so "twanked" they miss your info and humor. Which is a pity. You actually have quite a sense of humor, big fella.


...I would already have sent you an invite on youtube except I am afraid some of my prior commenting habits elsewhere might disqualify me from even commenting on yours. :lol: --Though I don't believe I've ever annoyed you on YT. Not on purpose anyway. :xp: I'm also afraid to say the wrong stuff and sound all n00b-ish.

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Well clearly not everyone tries to get the full value out of their games...twits...I mean, why bother spending money on something only to rush through it, not understanding what is going on - for heaven's sake deciding outcomes and environment (like Bastila and Carth appearing) through choices is one of the most appealing tings about the series!

QFT this.


Comments are so obnoxious it's even funny.

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Basic reading comprehension skills FTW.


It's a role-playing game, which means that sometimes it might help to actually read through the dialog choices. What a concept. :dozey:

This post sums up my thoughts on this exactly... so no bother trying to top it. ;)


Some people! :lol: @ :eyeraise:

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Nobody reads these descirptions? I read them, and then choose very carefully. I'm also a fast reader, so I usually end up reading a character's whole sentence before they finish talking. Which causes me to skip through some dialogue scenes a bit too fast. Must slow down! :xp:


People who post crap like that makes me want to :swear:

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