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[K1] Mandalorian Endar Spire


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What I was thinking the name of the ship should be The Adenn , which is Mando'a for Merciless.

Oh, btw, I have a little reskin that I think you might like, if you want to use it, it changes the energy shields that you see on the doors from that purplish blue color to a Red color, like the kind from Star Wars : The Phantom Menace, which I think will help suit the mood for your mod.

I'll post a screenshot of it in a while, as soon as I can get my Character to find an energy shield door.

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Anyway, there are now some placeables, and more characters in it. Somewhy I can't activate that cheat console to type in "whereami". That means I can't spawn something to a specific location, just pick some random numbers and see where it spawns. Now this is a waste of time, so I won't do that. I searched google for "KotOR cheats" but every site says a different thing. Can somebody help me with this?



It looks like you solved it but:


There is a mod that does this. It's like the whereami mod for k2 but for K1.




I have the same problem with not being able to use cheats, Think it' stupid'ol vista...

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I still prefer Xp but that's a topic for another time. ;)

And 7 looks like it might be really nice.


Anyway... I figure it out it's just a problem with the security feature, overriding it with admin rights seems to work, but for some reason my computer kept switch admin rights for kotor off. >_<

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Finally an UPDATE!

I hope none of you thought that this mod died or stopped:p No I'm still working on it. Sadly I cannot share screens with you right now, but I can tell about the progress. Vendire is almost finished, and the next part of the mod will be.......Mandalore!


With the help of TeamFett and anyone willing to help, I will create planet Mandalore with lots of missions. I haven't started it yet, because I have to gather some information and finish the Vendire. If everything goes as planned I will introduce a new vehicle too. Since the Vendire's dialogs are finished I need a voice actor. Only one at the moment but I will need more. I need someone to voice Kex:


He doesn't have too much dialog, only a few sentences. Only accept this request if you can make your voice sound like a Mandalorian(just like in the game). Comment here or send me a PM if you think you can do it. I'll try to upload some screenies soon:)

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I could try to do it as a total conversion but I have some trouble with it:


I don't have any program that can change my voice or record it, and it would be terrible if all the Mandalorians would be speaking duros or twi'lek :(


I've started modding only a month ago, so I'm not the best at it


So if there are a lot of interests and someone could be able to help me, I could try to do it :)


I can help you with sounds! I play in a band (in my 3rd band meanwhile) and we have quite some recording experience! We have done 2 Albums, tons of demos and our bassist (who is the sound engineer aswell) has great skills in FL Studio.... can't help you out with experience 'cause I just started skinning yesterday haha... but until now the skins came out pretty good so if you need some work off your hands let me know...

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