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Cheat and Warpband


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If you downloaded and used Lit Ridl's TSL Cheat and Warpband you probably know what you can expect. This is almost the same armband just for K1.

I have done this mod some weeks ago and just uploaded a newer version(v2.0) of it to FileFront. As soon as it will be reviewed I will give a link to it :)


But for now:




You can get the older version here:)


So what can this armband do?

-Teleport you anywhere in the game

-Open/close any door

-Add or Remove party members,show the party selection screen even on the Ebon Hawk!

-Change the background and battle music in an area

-Use the workbench anytime anywhere

-Change your allignment

-Give credits

-Play pazaak,turret games and swoop racing in 3 planets

-Play all movies in the game

-Sell you EVERY item in the game

-Spawn enemy and friendly creatures

-Apply effects

-Change your class


Well, that's all for now :D

This is the description of v2.0 but most of these options are there in v1.0 too.

If you want some screenshots see the download link.

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Ok i used KSE to get it

and i don't have BoS

so how do i use the band?

I have Super Skip taris

And well i got that error with Trask

So i'm guessing I can't get the item

Unless its somewhere else?

if not is there a sw_cheat command to get it?


If you don't have BoS and have Super Skip Taris, here's what to do:

-after you installed my mod find the "end_trask.dlg" file and delete it

(to avoid any problems I suggest you first install skip taris,make a backup copy of end_trask.dlg, install my mod,then replace end_trask.dlg with the copy you just saved)


Since many people having problems with compatibility I think I will make a fix

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