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What version works for WindowsXP?


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Hello kind knowledgable people,

Hopefully someone can help me with my questions regarding purchasing and running Grim Fandango on my computer w/ Windows XP.


I've researched and read tutorials, learned about downloads, patches and installers but no one indicates what version of the game they are using.


In my online searches I've found sellers offering several different versions at varying price ranges...Windows 95, Win98, 95/98/Me, 2000/XP, Lucas Classic, Jewel Case, UK versions etc. etc. (of all their cover scans, i can only find one that indicates a system (Win95)


So, are they all basically the same, will the downloadable patches/installers etc. make any version work for WinXP? Should I be particular about what version to buy?


I'm concerned because the sellers claiming to have 2000/XP compatible versions are more expensive...$40+


If anyone has any suggestions they would be appreciated.


Thanks so much for reading my questions




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