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Rhett got a woman!


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Oh dear lord... It's the end of the world. Run for the hills, my friends!


Or, err...





Run to the hiiiiills . . .


Run for your liii-iiives . . .



Dammit Keno, you got Iron Maiden stuck in my head again!

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HEY, ALL THE CHARGES WERE DROPPED. I - oh, my engagement. Haha. Yes.



Yeah, I can hardly believe it myself but I found the fairer half of my matching set - A fiery little redhead whose just as geeky as I am. (I tell her she's moreso though :D) The details of our meeting, courting, and engagering are quite amazing and whirl-windish. When I get the chance later today I'll try and tell you guys about it in here.



@Ender: The date right now is October 24th.


@Maverick: 2 strong horses and a goat. I'm only halfway kidding. It's a funny story which I'll post here later.


@Wally: I'd never forget about you guys. ;)


@ Sabertooth: There's plenty of Rhett for all.


@ Moeller: Of course. As long as the agreement still stands that I can have one kidney from each of them.


@Dath: You be in Missouri in late October and you're more than welcome. Same goes for everyone else. :D


@ GTA: Not quite but we are going to be playing A New Hope's End Credit theme as the wedding ends and we walk out. :D


@Pie: Eerily true.

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The man-room will never be the same. ;)
There is no such thing as the man-room for a married man, but love and happiness requires such sacrifices. C'est la vie


Congratulations to you both Rhett. I wish you love, happiness and a good place to hide your most treasured man-room items.

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