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Rhett got a woman!


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Wow! :eek: Congratulations, Rhett! :D


A month later I returned to Michigan for Christmas. This time bearing a promise ring for her but not just any promise ring, the perfect promise ring. You see, she's just as big of a nerd as I am. That's why I saw it only fit to get her a ring as unique and special as she was. I gave her a 1200+ year old Celtic bronze ring (In a very awesome way which Is a story of it's own)

Continuing on the assumption that the engagement ring is a different one, then I for one would love to hear the story. :D

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It went off like a well planned scene from a book. I got a ring box for it and then wrapped it up like a Christmas gift only I labeled if as it was a gift for me so she wouldn't know that it was actually for her. On Christmas day after everyone else had gotten done opening their gifts it was down to one last gift for my fiancee and also the ring. The last gift for her was an mp3 player that could also display pictures. Well, I had her turn it on and look around at the files I had loaded on it for her until she came to the only picture that I had loaded onto it. The picture was simply labeled, "Promise Pat". She stared at the name for a few moments with a confused look until she clicked on the picture to reveal an image of my hand holding the promise ring, I promptly pulled the now opened ring out from behind my back and presented it to her. She screamed, she cried, she shook, and has worn the ring ever since then.


We're also going to be getting wedding rings with the same Celtic knot design on them. I truly believe we were indeed made for each other. :)



EDIT: left out a large chunk about how I got the ring and how everyone was in on this except for my fiancee. Will fill in these gaps late tonight. :)


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