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Having a banlist > 64

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Hi Guys,


I'm one of the senior admins for our gaming communities SWBFII servers (we are WGO - World Gaming Order....and have 6 dedicated SWBFII servers online 24/7).


We use BBO version 1.1 to run/manage our servers.



As some of you know, (Triphammer...I'm guessing you are the only one listening.... :) ) there is effectively a limit of 64 players than can be banned using BBO v1.1 for any given server.


I've heard that this 64-ban limit is specific to the BBO SM/RM software and not the actual game-server itself. I don't know for sure if that's true or not. Can any of you confirm this or enlighten me?


Also....I'm wondering if we might ableto have some sort of script that runs independant of the BBO SM/RM software that maybe could issue the rcon commands to the server so that everytime the server was started it would load a list of permanant bans. And in so doing, we could just use the BBO software to manage our timed/temporary bans....thereby effectively allowing us to have the banlist go above 64 if needed.


So, basically, I'm just fishing for ideas as to whether they is any way to work-around the 64-entry limit for bans.



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Thanks..... One solution we've begun to implement is to use IPsec to effectively ban repeat offenders that are on our permanent banlist. In some cases, to be effective, we may have to ban an entire IP range....but it is one way to keep out some repeat offenders and clear-up space on our banlist.

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Even when his site was up he wasn't interested. We had to buy him a graphics card ($350) just to get him to update the SWBF2 SM from 1.08 to 1.10.... and that was to get what was SUPPOSED to be in the 1.08 version that LA told us we were getting (the ability to use mod maps was a main issue), but also the ability to kick/ban [bLANK] player names was among a big list of other things that needed addressing. While we're glad he did address those few issues... we had to beg him for it.. and then bribe him... and there was still a big list on his site of remaining issues.


The BBO SWBF2 SM and RM have many issues now. His site was an excellent resource for those having issues. If he had let someone know he was going to totally abandon the project (site).. someone would have picked up the domain and forum so the resource wouldn't be lost (myself included). He also had server managers for BF2 and BF1942. He was talking to many of us in the forums and in PM's, so I don't know why he just let it drop.


He mentioned School being an issue with him and time to do other things beside school MANY times... which is understandable... but not really an excuse to drop it all. It is his software and his site.. so I guess he can do what he wants with it. I just thought he cared more than he actually did I guess.

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