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Power Duel Strategy... feedback requested


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I see this forum has gotten a bit quiet lately, but I finally got a little spare time on my hands and thought I'd update a section of Strategic Academy that had gotten neglected since the game came out...







That's right, all those re-created fights between Darth Maul vs. Obi-Wan & Qui Gon, eh?


So here is the preliminary page. It seems like hardly anyone plays this and it's not covered by many strategy pages that I've ever seen.



But I'd like you guys to double check my info and see if I missed anything, or contribute any tips you might have.


Thanks in advance!


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I knew it! ;)


Dang, I got all excited when I saw somebody posted here, thinking maybe they had a strategy.

Trouble is nobody plays PowerDuel, so I never get practice. When I host it on my server, I basically have to have people, because bots don't cut it and if people don't see other people they won't join. It's a tricky situation. Plus, I never claimed to be the ultimate duelist even back in the day when I was known to kick butt and take names. ;)


That said, I did get some of my old skills back in my last game!

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