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Who is better Commandos or Arcs

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So do any of you think Commandos or Arc [Advanced Recon Commando] Troopers are better and why.

Commandos because of the following:

1: The ARCs were trained by Jango himself, thus they have all the traits that Jango have, good or bad.

2: Commandos are loyal to the Republic and go rogue usually because of a cloning defect, ARCs, although still loyal, can go rogue if they want to.

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ARCs, when compared to a single Commando (hence, the idea that four commandos is worth 100 clone troopers or one ARC), are far superior in skill and tactics, because they have much less genetic tampering then either of the other two and are much more harshly trained. As a team of four, I would have to side with the commandos against a single ARC, simply because they can be in four places at one time (such as the mission in the game on the RAS cruiser; one ARC could not have completed the mission at the same efficiency as four commandos, who were obviously more effective then the cruiser full of clones).


And the ARCs were not trained exclusively by Jango.

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