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The Onderonian War

Nick Vader

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This is a 1-chapter-battle story, so don't expect more... Thnks.












We arrived just before the taking of Onderon. Our forces that attacked frist were led by Canderous Ordo, who even though was battle-hardened, he underestimated the bravery of each Onderonian warrior.

The result was that the two sides were even, thus costing us many losses. I did not make the same mistake. I reached the city of Iziz ( the capital of Onderon ) with Basilisk War Droids.

I was excpecting everything...except of what came to us. A missile smashed through the ship wounding half of our troops. I was surprised I was still breathing. Once we landed, I drew my blaster and ran towards the battle zone. Canderous Ordo had been slaughtering countless Onderonians but not careing about his team. I reassembled the front line and joined them.

And then... my blaster was jammed. I threw it to an Onderonian , killing him instantly. The heat of battle and its wish for it had come to me. I drew my vibrosword

and howled like the war-god himself. I rushed to meet the general of the Onderonians. On the way , I senselessly smashed opponets , braking their arms with my fists , cutting

of their heads and feet like bread and advancing to the center of their army. Behind me , my most loyal freind , Xardas, was killing anything I left behind me alive. He had the same red sparks in his eyes as I did. I faced the general in the center of his army. He was waiting for one of us to break through. I told Xardas to take out his bodyguards while I dealt with him. We clashed swords at once.

He was a veteran swordsman. He also knew the best Echani moves of combat. So he proved a difficult opponent indeed. But after a while , I saw weakness in that old, wise face.

So I attacked with the speed of a laigrek and took his head out with my vibrosword. My enemie lied dead beside my feet. And so did his four bodyguards.

Xardas had taken them out two by two...

The end of the battle and our victory had come with the Onderonian general's death. I never forgot this duel. Nor the glory and the experience that I gained from it.



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