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Rejoice my brothers, LucasArts has not forsaken us!


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif– June 1, 2009– LucasArts today announced that the original hilarious pirate adventure is back, with two new projects underway based on the classic Monkey Island franchise. Beginning in just a few short weeks, Telltale will premiere the Tales of Monkey Island™ game series, delivering a completely new epic storyline and swashbuckling flair that will unfold across five monthly episodes on PC and WiiWare™. The Monkey Island celebration continues later in the summer when LucasArts publishes The Secret of Monkey Island™: Special Edition, a completely re-imagined version of the first game in the series that adds updated high definition graphics, a re-mastered musical score, and full voiceover to the classic adventure game originally launched in 1990. The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition will be made available on Xbox LIVE® Arcade for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, and PC.





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but telltale games also is going to release tales of monkey island (monkey island 5) and the lonely problem that its 3d >.<, well i hope it will be point & click tho
I would expect it to play just the same as Telltale's other 3D adventure games like Sam and Max.


This almost makes up for all the wrongs LucasArts has done to us the past few years...But right now I could not be happier with them. :D

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I'd be Murray, but considering it's an orgy, I know that being only a head is pretty limiting.


I'm also very aware that this forum is largely dude-centric.


I'm also fully aware that as a mod, these are the types of discussions I should nip in the bud fairly early on, but this is the MI boards and dammit, we like it this way!

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