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E3 Spotlight: Microsoft


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Typed as I watch:


Watching the Microsoft spotlight thing on G4.


It's a good thing I had my DVR record it and started watching it a bit later. Skipped the first 45 minutes to the Tony Hawk thing. Didn't care for the Beatles or Rock Band.


Skipping the rest of Tony Hawk now.


Yay Modern Warfare 2.


The Modern Warfare 2 gameplay was awesome.


Skipped the Final Fantasy bit. Not interested.


Skipped the Epic bit. Uninteresting.


Avatars are stupid. Joyride is stupid.




Hmm L4D2.


Hmm, not sure about Splinter Cell. Reminds me a lot of Hitman: Blood Money.


Don't care for Forza. Skipped.


Halo: ODST and Reach - I'll probably be passing on them. I tried playing Halo 3 the other day... I just couldn't do it. Too used to Call of Duty.


Skipped Alan Wake.


Don't care about last.fm, but NEtflix update looks awesome. Ahh, Microsoft trying to compete with Netflix.


Don't care about Facebook social networking on my gaming console.


Skipped Metal Gear Solid stuff.


Natal looks interesting. Looks like a big gimmick to me. Just like the Wii.


Lionhead's Milo looks was some pretty amazing technology.

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The Natal program looks nice, but I dont really want to play all my games standing up and jumping around. Say I wanted to be quiet and not wake someone up, or was sore and wanted to sit down. Also this is going to suck for not active people.


Gamespot is a great place to watch live, no lag whatsoever, but its over now.

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Tony Hawk Ride with Skateboard controller

Metal Gear Solid Rising

Project Natal

Forza 3 Announced

Crackdown 2

Halo 3: ODST Dated

Halo Reach Announced

Final Fantasy 13

Beetles Rock Band

Splinter Cell Conviction

Metroid Arcade Game




Modern Warfare 2

Alan Wake

Some racing game


miss anything?

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Most of it was kinda cool, but Project Natal seems to be a direct leech to emulate the Wii, especially with Wii Fit.


And really, does there need to be Left 4 Dead 2 this early? Where's Portal 2, or HL2 Episode 3? Could you halt the zombie obsession for a moment Valve, and work on your previous IPs, and new ones as well?


Metal Gear Solid Rising was expected, especially with all of the rumors going 'round.


And another Halo. Excuse me if my enthusiasm is less than par.


Metroid Arcade Game
wat. link plz thx.
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I had to crosspost this:


Crackdown 2 announced




E3 now has made up for years of suckage with the only sandbox game where you can be an ******* super-police guy.



Starcraft 2 out by the end of the year


******* Crackdown Cop rating: Tossing a person off the top of a building and guiding a rocket into their flailing corpse



Secret of Monkey Island remake plus an entire new Monkey Island game


******* Crackdown Cop rating: Sniping someone in the legs until they are almost dead and then waiting until they regenerate. Then watching them trip over themselves again as you take out the legs again.


Lionhead Details Xbox 360's Virtual Child Milo


Talk to a little girl in the privacy of your own house. yep, perfectly normal and not at all going to be used for anything sick and deprived.


"Another aspect saw Claire splashing around virtual water in real-time."


Nothing. At. ALL.


******* Crackdown Cop rating: Throwing over 30 cars on top of each other, throwing down all your sticky bombs in the middle, raising your arms to the heavens and pressing the trigger. Vahalla, please take me from this world.


The Peter Molyneux pedophile simulation shown at the end of the MS conference was pretty ridiculous.
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I'm impressed with what I've seen so far from Microsoft. Natal looks pretty wicked.


I'm pretty stoked for Modern Warfare 2 after seeing that little bit of gameplay and Assassin's Creed after seeing that trailer.


Can't wait for Crackdown 2 or Mass Effect 2.


Hope to see something for BioShock 2.

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