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Well we have been at our hotel, The Historic Mayfair, for a while now getting ready for the big day tomorrow. I think we're pretty prepared so hopefully we'll be able to show you guys lots of exclusive stuff like video.


Here is what we want to definitely check out tomorrow:

  • Nintendo press conf
  • Telltale / Tales of MI
  • LucasArts
  • Mass Effect 2
  • Dragon Age: Origins
  • Brutal Legend
  • Alpha Protocol
  • The Beatles: Rock Band

Pretty sure we will have time for more, but that is what we'll definitely do our best to see tomorrow. Schedule for Wednesday isn't set yet so we'll see.


Also, this is pretty cool. Since we reserved our hotel through E3, I got this awesome hotel key:




I will be wearing my Grim Fandango tshirt tomorrow to see LucasArts of course. :cool: Periodically I'll try to post some quick updates on my twitter, and you can expect writeups of what we see on Mixnmojo.com, starwarsmmo.net, and probably some other sites as well. We'll probably post more threads here with quick overviews.

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I think Avery is going to go, but I have a conflict. Anyways we will probably be leaving the hotel shortly if Avery will get out of bed, they are letting people start lining up for Nintendo's conf at 7:30, but we don't have our badge holders yet and they don't start giving those out till 8:00.

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