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crash at beggining year 1


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I´ve a problem with this game.

Read all threads, believe some are similar, but somewhat different.

Downloaded the game, and before install read this threads (http://www.mininova.org/com/829088), using the 18 to download the file in order to install the game, in a machine with OS XP SP3 (the file is here: http://quick.mixnmojo.com/grim-fandango-setup , believe easier for you guys to read from there, than for me to try to explain) .

Started playing, everything fine until end of 1st year. Plays the cutscene (the scene in which Many starts moping the floor, and ends at a balcony, same cafe, much more developed), and game crashes, asking to report the error to Microsoft (that small window sometimes (hopefully rare) appears).

Disabled Direct draw with dxdiag, but still same problem.

Can anyone give me any hints?


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