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Metroid: Other M


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So yeah, after seeing New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Super Mario Galaxy 2, I was getting pretty stoked. And then, we get this, and I piss my pants.


This is probably going to be the Metroid game that I've always wanted to see; a actual telling of Samus Aran's early life, and better yet, it's not just another FPS, but more of a 2D side-scroller, third-person shooter-thing. Either way, it definitely looks impressive.

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Wow. Definitely a winner in my book. And I'm glad we get a glimpse at the life of Samus before the first game outside of the manga. Especially at this Adam guy we heard about in the manga/Fusion.


it's not just another FPS, but more of a 2D side-scroller, third-person shooter-thing. Either way, it definitely looks impressive.

It definitely takes a different outlook on the Metroid games. Its taking the ability to actually see Samus while she's killing, and adding the 3d goodness of the Prime series.


And Team Ninja? I am sold. Their games are quite great, and I know they won't **** this game up.

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I heard that Team Ninja was teaming up with Nintendo for something quite awhile ago. Didn't expect it to be Metroid... looks like they're combining traditional side scrolling Metroid action, the first person perspective stuff from Metroid Prime and also some melee/brawl stuff from... Smash Bros.


Nice mix... but will it work? Looks like this one will be heavily story based from the looks of the trailer which'll take it further from the series roots... still, if it works for them in the end... can't wait to see if it does.


Actually I was kinda hoping for a Metroid game that'd do this, combine sidescrolling with first person... I'm pretty sure I talked with Jeff about it ages ago.



XD lazy.

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^^^DUDE! You didn't expect it to be metroid? Team ninja who worked on the DOA series? :lol: When it's legend of samus having been a badass VG diva since 1986?


Meh--I probably would not have been able to guess either...just giving *you* a hard time. lol (Awesome site BTW!)


@ thread: Yeah, well, there is even tons of stuff even myself, an old school gamer, recognized from back in the days of NES, GB, and SNES. Enemiy character-wise. Ridley, the metriods doing evolutions like in M2:RoS


And people are saying this isn't a core game for general audiences? PAH! I scoff at thee, whomever sayeth such ridiculous sentiments and heave dead raccoons at thee. PX, you with me?!:lol: BTW PX, great vid link, buddy.


Yeah, nintendo was just waiting to pull out the stops and saving the good for a rainy day. Smart business strategy. You know, it actually makes me want to buy a nintendo system now. I always liked the metroid series. IG-64 had it right, it looks kinda like god of war style gameplay which was a win style even if you weren't a fan of it.


I eagerly await future devlopments. (Now I'll go home and change!);)

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@ GTA:SWcity: You don't know me so you probably don't know that I'm a pretty huge Metroid fan. Yes, the game has all the Metroid lore in it (even some of the more extremely obscure stuff), obviously.... but that's not what I meant at all.


From the way the trailer was presented it seemed like we'll be seeing yet another linear Metroid game as have been presented to us lately. Don't know what I mean? Here's a nice diagram for you then.




Any questions?

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