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Sony and the PSP-Go


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Due to timing issues, I got to the Sony Press Conference late but I saw enough to give a summary:


The primary focus of the press event was the PSP-GO, a slimmed down version of the PSP. It is about DSI sized, with 16gb of memory for its blu-tooth system to download to, along with a slot for extra third party memory cards to be placed.



(wtf is with that person's hand? -Jeff)


The GO is entirely download, with no disks or anything being sold. The PSP toolkit has been cut 80% for devs so that more games may be made.


A new addition with me SenseMe, which will recognize a pattern to the music you listen to and create a playlist for you from online catalogs.


It will also have full access to the Sony marketplace, with access to various media outlets so that you can read manga, watch anime, movies, shows, etc with your PSP.


This new system with be $245 upon release.




Also announced with the GO is the next Gran Turismo game.


With this announcement was the announcement of the next Metal Gear game called Peace Maker. This is being created by the MGS4 team and will be an apparent missing link in the storyline of MGS. The demo that was shown seemed pretty typical MGS, with a commical box scene at the end.

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I like that the PSP is getting more games, because it lacks them. I don't like the overall design of the PSP Go, nor do I approve of its price point. I do like the decision to drop the UMD drive. I think that about sums up my opinion on the PSP Go.

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