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Lego Indiana Jones with Crystal Skull Preview


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OK, bear with me. I have never played a lego game before (shock and awe), so I don't really know what I'm talking about so I'll give it my best shot:


This upcoming game is the trilogy remade, with Crystal Skull as well.


The hub was expansive, and very detailed. The things that he made note of was that players, in co-op, may now roam the map independently of one another, the screen splitting into a split screen instead of holding you in each others view. The line also moves depending on how north or south you were, and I was impressed with it.


I saw water, swimming, and general moving about the land. You can also get into vehicles like cars and airplanes and roam the map, also independently of your co-op buddy. The vehicles were very well detailed, and the planes flew around fluidly. When you were done with the plane or it was shot down, Indy or your char drops out of the plane in a parachute to the ground.


We saw the opening with the Arc killing the Nazi's. This time around, they dance and are turned exploded by lightning. You must then navigate around the beams of jesus energy as Indy to get around the area.


The campaign is set to be 3 times longer than the previous game.


The big addition here is the creator function, in which you run around as a lego man and, using bricks and terrain tools, create your own map. You can make buildings, place enemies, and place interactive lego pieces that you link, manually, to switches to activate. The demo we saw of this showed that it was quite detailed, and apparently maps you create with this can be uploaded to be apart of your main campaign. These tools include bricks, large floor bricks, terrain heighten and lower, as well as water tools.


The game also looked damn pretty, and the animations on the lego people were fantastic and humorous. Anyone who is a fan of these game will definitely find something fun in this game. This has been the first lego game so far that I've been interested in playing.


More later possibly.

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