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Why isn't BioWare and LucasArts pondering over whether this should be a console involved game (Xbox 360/PS3) or not? I mean, if they made this game for either/or, particularly Xbox 360, I think it would be one of the greatest (selling) games of all time.


Not only would it be the first ever MMORPG for a console system, but it would be Star Wars, the most well-known sci-fi series, let alone entertaiment franchise in general, ever. With it being the first MMORPG game for a console system, it would draw even non-Star Wars (or more like what of them) and Star Wars fans alike. Just the fact its the first EVER MMORPG for a console system would guarantee sales. Isn't this what BioWare and LucasArts wants? Sales? So I can see no risk. It is a guarantee block buster either way, with console systems or without.


But putting this on consoles would put this game in the record books. In all honestly it could beat Halo and all its selling records. I would say, putting this on consoles would be well worth it. I can already see about 30 of my friends (some just "known" people) would buy this for both of the above reasons. It being Star Wars. And It being the first MMORPG ever to be on a console system.


LucasArts and BioWare could revolutionize games RIGHT NOW.


What are your thoughts?

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Reasons for not havingTOR be a console MMO.

1. Lots of typing.

2. More specials

3. Console and PC would mean 3 times the development cost.

4. Console and PC MMO would mean it will play well on one OR the other, but never work right for both.

5. SOME PATCHES ARE HUGE!!!11!eleventyone!1!

6. Consoles already get the lion's share of games.. come on give us PC gamers a friggin game.

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Yes, FFXI.


I do understand what the first poster means though. The Final Fantasy experience can be considered relatively successful. Typing is not a problem, considering voice chat is available for consoles (shudders at the thought of having to face XBox Live kids on my computer...)


However, MMOs are in a state similar to the RTS. It can work on consoles, but none of the experiments were truly perfect. I'm not sure if Bioware should try their hand at that. I'd honestly rather they just make a really good PC game, then maybe port it to consoles at a later date.

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Both consoles can run MMOs... especially the PS3 since it haz a few MMOs running (DC Universe Online, The Agency, Home etc...) and both consoles have mouse, keyboard and voice capabilities... I dunno why it wouldn't be released to consoles... and I saw that it was 'under consideration'... FYI patches wouldn't rly be a problem since both consoles have hard drives ._.

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MMO on a console is possible, there's no denying that.


FFXI seems to have been the only experiment. Was it that successful? It did quite alright to be honest but think about something...


The MMO market is still a PC niche, just like the RTS. As far as I know, the market barely touches the consoles, so Bioware is putting its efforts into the PC. After all, if WoW can achieve its numbers without touching consoles, why can't TOR?

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Consoles can run them, but it just creates more trouble for bug fixes and so on. Frankly, if you want to play an MMO get a working PC. It is more trouble than it is worth, is an engineers nightmare, and cuts content from the game itself as they are trying to cater to multiple crowds of people at once.


It can be done, but quite frankly shouldn't in my opinion.

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Actually it has more to do with development cost.


Say you're a developer. You find a problem with one type of video card is reported.


You test.

Problem replicated.

Change code.

Problem fixed.


Creates a console bug.

Now all consoles can't play because of the bug fix.

So you recode...


same bug


test now all users of nVidia cards are SOL.





Of course it might be something like an exploit is found where a console user is able to instakill PC users... Or a PC user is able to instakill console users. A fix would disable some feature that made the game playable for the other side...


Then add on the larger DLC that PC users would like. I mean would console users be willing to wait for more than a gig of data to be transferred to their system? How about 3-4 gigs. I mean I can leave my PC running for days at a time... How many console users would leave their 360 running for 8-10 hours without playing another game(forgive me if you can get DLC while playing other games... I haven't checked). I can on a PC start the download, then chill out reading Lucasforums, listening to the latest Lucascast, or juat leave the download running as I go to sleep. Every two or three weeks, another smaller download, and every two months a big update... Would console users put up with it?

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I can do all that on my PS3... heck... im replying to this post on my PS3 right now using a keyboard... Also PS3 doesnt have overtemperature issues... so i can leave it on and go to sleep... I can also play and download at same time! So thats not rly a prob! and xbox users can probably go on MSN while downloading... also cross platforming is no problem... the agency has cross platform severs... and it runs pretty well (I think) cross platforming consists in keeping the games in all platforms identical (indentical versions) I really see no problem in delivering this game to consoles... I know its hard work... but not impossible and i also know what u mean tommycat... alot of development cost.

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Yeah but games on consoles can be updated like on the PC... atleast the PS3 can... with an ingame downloader like MGO (metal gear online) which is updated that way... other game's updates are downloaded by the PS3 UI... its just a matter of making identical versions for all platforms... cmooooon... other MMOs could do it... The Agency could do it

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Yeah but games on consoles can be updated like on the PC... atleast the PS3 can... with an ingame downloader like MGO (metal gear online) which is updated that way... other games are downloaded by the PS3 UI... its just a matter of making identical games for all platforms... cmooooon... other MMOs could do it... The Agency could do it

You end of sacrificing the quality of the game to expand it onto a system it does not need to be on.


If you've got a keyboard, head set, mouse, etc for a ps3 then I'm going to have to point out that you may be doing it wrong. The PS3 is not a PC, and should not be treated as such. Just because the MMO's can be expanded into them does not mean they should, and communication problems, lag, engineering problems, etc all end up costing the company more.


If some companies want to try them out, let them try. I doubt it will be the success they want it to be, and the server cost as well as the in-game communication problem between PC players and PS3 players may be more trouble than most are willing to go through.


Cross platform is a new concept and has so far been implemented fairly poorly. To all of a sudden throw it into every MMO is foolhardy, and I hope Bioware realizes this. They are already spending a ton of money trying to get the game created and pay Voice Actor's to pump out hundreds of thousands of lines so to add something as trivial and rewardless as a console cross platform adaptation would be financial and player-base suicide.


Again, I'm not entirely sure when the PS3 got it into it's head that it was a PC but it should be focusing on trying to get actual games onto its console than give more excuses to keep the price tag so high for so long. I do not know why they are doing cross platform, or why people want cross platform but until proven wrong I am of the opinion that MMO's on the consoles is a dead end.


But, if the PS3 wants to be a PC it can go ahead and try. I'll put my money on it failing to be a PC just as hard as it failed to be a Blu-Ray player and, in the end, a video game console.


I'll point out I watched DC Online played on the PS3 at E3, and it was using the default controller with a custom interface for that controller. Between the PC and PS3 versions, the PC's mouse had an advantage over the controller. While you can buy separate computer stuff for your PS3, it has been optimized differently and, again, if you are getting computer stuff for your PS3... you are PC gaming incorrectly. No offense to you, but that is just my opinion of the PS3 for now.


It would particularly bug me when a console player joined my PC party and did not have a keyboard to talk or anything, just a controller. He would effectively be mute, making him a hindrance to the party in general and I'd probably kick him in favor of a PC player even if he was a better player. Communication is key, and I prefer people work a keyboard, mouse, and an optional high quality mic at all times, all of which the PS3 is lacking unless expensive specialty items are bought which would, in the end, most likely buy you a PC capable of running the game fine, if not better.

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I found that buying a PS3 would be cheaper than upgrading my PC to a high-end machine... but i dont have the money... Im a PC gamer too... i play ALOT on my PC... but i simply would like to see this particular game played on my TV... from my couch with a nice wireless keyboard. core gamers like urself are afraid of consoles... i get it

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The fact that you happen to have a keyboard + mouse for your console doesn't evade that fact that they would have to programme TOR to be played using the standard issue joypad. That alone would be a tiresome task since they would have to reconstruct the entire gaming experience exclusively to those using that standard joypad.


I would hate to be tasked with that, since it would probably change the whole experience of playing the game.

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This topic, just like "TFU for PC" topics, is useless because it's never gonna happen. Why would they say "we are doing this game PC-only" and then go back on it, when it's so unlikely they'd make an MMO for consoles in the first place?

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The way i see it.


1. Bioware release it for PC Only

2. The Game Modding Community (i.e. Game Modders) release Mods for games.

3. Bioware see future employees


Not that much room for modding in an MMO though. Would most likely only be visual changes that have no direct impact on gameplay.


Why would they say "we are doing this game PC-only" and then go back on it


They did say that Mass Effect was a console-only game when it was in development, so them changing their minds later on would not be unheard of. :)

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