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Point Lookout DLC for Fallout 3


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I've played and beaten Fallout 3, but have not touched the DLC except for this, the 4th DLC for the game:


This new location is located south of DC apparently, and you take a ferry to it at any point in the actual game. The area is swamplandish, and ruined by nukes as usual with torn down buildings, a lighthouse, and a large mansion.


Littered around is toxic sludge that pops out these floating bubbles that explode violently when shot.


The main inhabitants of this new area are hillbillies. Rednecks. Inbreds and the like. Some rouge inbred hillbillies run around and attack you like ghouls, along with a fairly large amount of actual ghouls littering the area. The main people to watch out for, however, is this group called the "Tribals", who are this area's Raiders. They are a fanatical cultist group that attacks anyone who gets near.


This DLC is set to be the hardest thus far, requiring at least level 15 to live, although much higher is recommended.


Not bad looking, and if you like the DLC and Fallout 3 then you should check this out.

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