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Battlefront/Battlefront 2 graphical errors, very annoying.


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I recently got star wars battlefront from a friend of mine for the PC. I used to own the game for ps2, so was happy to play it on the computer. I started playing the game, and after a few minutes, the screen became heavily distorted with red pixels covering the screen. The game then tends to either blue screen on me, or the screen will go black, I will lose the signal from my computer to my monitor (but still have sound) and I will have to reboot.


This same thing will happen to me, when I am playing Battlefront 2, which I just bought from the store. Both games will get the same red pixelation affect, before the game either blue screens, or the video stops working completely and I need to reboot.


My computer is running windows vista 32bit with a AMD Phenom 9850 quad core 2.50 GHz processor. I have an XFX Nvidia 8800 GT alpha dog graphics card, and an SLI platinum motherboard. I also have 4.0 GB of ram. What can I do to stop this pixelation and rebooting of my computer on both battlefront and battlefront 2?

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