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Best Budget-Priced Games

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Well, with E3 all done with and our minds filled with excitement for what's next, I figured it was also a good time for us to put together some of our favorite games that we know and love that others can purchase at a great price. Please feel free to post your favorite games and where you can get them for cheap (try and keep the websites confined to known and trusted sites).


I personally loved the following and you can get them for $20 or less:


Bioshock for PC is $20 on Amazon

Mass Effect for PC or 360 on Amazon for $20 and $17 respectively

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory is on Gamestop.com (digital download) for $5

Sid Meier's Pirates is $5 on the Steam client

Defcon is $10 on the Steam Client


I'll post some more later, but check these games out...please feel free to post any games that you think are high on quality but not on price!



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Well, I'm waiting for SC4 to hit the bargain bin, so as soon as I get a madcatz controller or something for fighting games a bit more ergonomical than the default controller I can get it. I'll probably be waiting a while for games like Guilty Gear XX, MK vs DC, X-Blades, and the like.


I already bought SF4. (Thanks for the controller tip, r9.)


I'm kinda disappointed in Nintendo lately. However, with the advent of the new metroid stuff and Zero Suit Samus' SSB brawl melee cameo, I'm considering a Wii if for no other reason than I am a fan of the classic metroid games. (Have all 3!)


Also a PS2slim--apparetnly the older ones have a short lifespan. :swear:


Otherwise I am pretty much waiting for all the hits to become so cheap they hit bargain bin prices. Console or PC.


Some "Retro" stuff at thinkgeek, or the instructables NES PC could also be in order. I am also considering fixing up like the 5-6 broken NES units and a few SNES units around my house to working order.


Also on the cheap is rom hacking--free for almost everything. Ever wanted to make an NES game as your own game? There is info and stuff out there for free if you know where to look. In fact, some people even know how to reprogram their old hradware stuff.

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