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Xbox LIVE Gamertags

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I'm pretty sure you can make it that you don't sign in automatically if you have multiple users on a console, Jae.


I'll check those settings to see if I can change it then.


I'll be on Tuesday night after work on Rock Band 2, singing my heart out with Evanescence. :D

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Well, I plan for a bit of gaming on live someday--probably won't be on for *too* long if I do.


Mostly for GTA4: LatD, and megaman 9. Of course I"ll venture out into others.


Not huge into this. Not sure what acct. name I'll go by. Since my family uses my 360 (each person having an acct)...


Have several in mind. Just dun care right now. Drop me a line if ya wanna chat or meet some friends of mine.

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